Fans-de-Brigitte Bardot (Available english subs)

Uploaded by FansdeBB on 13.10.2010

-What would you say to people who say "Oh Bardot and her animals! There's so much more to do than take care of animals!"
-I wouldn't reply anything because they don't interest me at all ! What do you want me to tell them ? People who start by saying "We don't care about Bardot and her animals.." well, we're just not speaking the same language. They speak theirs, I speak mine, so I have nothing to tell them !
-Don't you want to convince ?
As the saying goes : " you can only preach the converted".
One can try to change the mind of people who have a certain intelligence, a certain sensibility, but who aren't well informed
Most often, people who can be talked into are those who are not aware
If you were offered a position in the government, as "Minister of Animals" , would you accept this responsibility?
No I wouldn't, because I'm much more than a "Minister of animals ".
Ministers change but I remain
You're being harsh here on ministers! It basically means that they're useless !
Bah, why don't they prove that they can do something really efficient, I'm waiting for the proof !
But maybe they'd grant you real powers to do something,
something more than this endless fight you've been leading for 15 years.
Being a minister implies belonging to a political party, and I don't want to be part of a political group
Not always !
No, I don't want to
No, there are ministers who say they don't belong to a political group
Well you know, all this is just about high-flown, grand-sounding titles : "ministers, etc..."
In the end, the most important is the result, and in many cases that's the way it is, not only for animals
the positions occupied by our ministers are often scarcely efficient!
- Fancy a drink ? -Sure !
For now I don't offer you a glass of wine, we'll see later.
Be careful because I've promoted water, so don't show it because it's not the same water!
Well I can give this water a plug !
That's true, you did ads before !
I hate advertising.
You advertised jeans
Oh well you know,...cheers !
Why did you do it ?
Because back then I needed some money.
That's normal.
Right, as a rule, I think that we're being brainwashed with such mediocre stories in all those ads !
Eventually it gets to our brain, that's the aim actually
And we end up thinking through the images that we've seen, so I turn off the TV when I see ads.
Do you watch TV ?
TV is appalling too.
Tell us about it. What is so appalling about TV, according to you ?
It's dreadfully mediocre.
Why ?
Because it's about pulling people down, towards foolishness
instead of uplifting their minds towards something smarter or with a good humour.
There are a few TV programmes that I like, which are literary programmes that bring you something
variety shows could be very good if they weren't so alike, copied on the same model.
There isn't any variety which sets itself apart from other variety shows.
They take the same model and do it all over again !
Do you like to differentiate the actress and the woman , and, aren't you the victim of the whole "BB myth" ?
Oh no! I don't know who created the BB myth!
In any case, I'm delighted to be a myth if I am really one!
So it didn't impress you in the least ?
No, I'm not easily impressed
Well, if you need more than that, I think you'll never be !
That's very kind of you !
But we can't help being kind to you Brigitte !
So much the better, I'm pleased to hear you say that !
It's a slight change for you, is it ?
Oh yes it certainly is!