Uploaded by predictamedia on 14.12.2010

Man, I play a lot. The kit is awesome, man.
I shred on it all the time.
Got no limits to the imagination.
Solo, rhythm.
The air guitar actually is my favorite instrument.
It's awesome as hell.
I have much fun, really much fun.
I feel like I'm on stage.
People looking at me, girls flashing their breasts.
It really has no limits.
I'm inspired by Gene Simmons. A great bassist.
Because the Bass is the base of the band.
It makes the groove of the song.
And since I didn't have much luck in reality, I had to devastate like this.
I had fun like there's no tomorrow.
The kit is incredible.
That's what I have to say, to sum it up in one word.
I think it's amazing. It has everything you want.
Much better than a conventional drum kit, because
it won't break.
Easy installation. Got many drum sticks.
You can twirl it... easy as pie.
The sound is heavy, is perfect.
You start playing, and the adrenalynn in you...
And the feeling of playing better, and you start sweating.
And damn, the sound's really going.
And the neighbors can't complain, which is the best part.
And man, if I can give you an advice.
Use it.
This drum kit is really awesome.