Basic Principles Of Project Management

Uploaded by SelfAssemblySites on 04.04.2011

now i'd like to talk about balancing time
quality and cost
These are some of the basic elements of project management
and below this video you'll find the mini project plan. Go through
that plan and
answer as many questions as you can in as much detail as you can give
Don't worry some of them you mightn't be able to fill in all the details
It's about getting some of the information you have
down on paper
If you don't understand any terms there's a glossary attached
TIME: Ask yourself when you need to deliver the project how urgent? Is it
in a week or is it in three months
depending on which it is
can have a much greater effect on your project on the importance of that aspect
next thing you might look at for example is QUALITY. What sort of quality do you
need to deliver? What is the minimum standard that you need to
and then you relate that into time
Will i be able to deliver that quality
in the amount of time given
and then you relate that into COST
how much resources do i have available to me. Luckily with this project if
you're using SelfAssemblySites
that cost, that element will be
much more clearly defined
as a simple monthly or quarterly fee rather than something that can go wild
and crazy out from under your control
Right the next thing i want to list are the DELIVERABLES
this is essential
What are the elements that you want to deliver? So for example maybe you say you
want to deliver a simple six page website that looks professional that
has a home page, an about us page
and maybe a google map
as well as the short youtube video clip that's relevant to your website
for example
that would be a simple project
deliverables spec
Another aspect
of project management that's very important and i'd really like you to
do in particular is start to examine some of your ASSUMPTIONS
So you've written down maybe that you need to deliver a project in three weeks
that you have
written down the spec of the website that you need to deliver
and then I want you to start now looking at some of those assumptions
What are you assuming? Maybe you're assuming that you can give
a certain amount of hours a week
to doing SelfAssemblySites or doing other elements that you need
to get the pieces together to put into that website
What are your assumptions?
Be as honest as you can. Write them down
even discuss them with a colleague or friend
To see if you have any assumptions that you haven't thought of maybe they
have because the more of those that you can find out about the better you are
able dealing with them should they become a problem
All right so i'd like to go
and look at the project plan fill it in as best that you can
You'll have another piece of information that helps clarify your
what you're doing, the benefits it's going to bring you
and when you're able to deliver that project