H+ Episode 13: Questions

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WOMAN: I'm sure some of you know what this means.
Aside from being the name of a fabulous,
ground-breaking company, HPlus,
or rather its symbol,
is the abbreviation for a set of ideologies,
suite of technologies that makes up transhumanism.
A scientific movement, that as you all know,
has been getting a lot of attention in recent years,
mostly because of the work
of some extraordinary individuals.
Some of whom our company
has had the great pleasure of collaborating with.
Our company, HPlus Nano Teoranta,
began, as you know, two years ago
out of a project partially funded
by the Irish government.
Its aim: to develop a new generation in medical implants.
These include micro pacemakers, insulin monitors,
and of course, our crowning achievement, the N54.
Some call it an implant,
we prefer calling it a computer.
But I think everyone agrees
that the N54 is decades ahead of its time.
Eighty-six nanometers in diameter,
the microscopic device is the most discrete of its kind.
An implantation process
through a simple saline injection
is effortless and unobtrusive, to say the least.
Once activated, the N54 is able to track
25 key processes of the human body
and act as an early warning system
for sufferers of over a dozen diseases.
But this is only the beginning for HPlus Nano.
Our plans for the next five years are,
without a doubt, ambitious.
It's no secret that in light
of our recent success with the N54, our company,
alongside scientists in Chile and Switzerland,
have begun development of a product
that takes human computer interfacing to the next level.
A nano-implant that will interface
the human nervous system,
allowing the body and mind
to communicate with other implants
over a worldwide network.
Which brings us to why we're all here today.
Because Mortle has the world's largest
and most secure network.
That is a fact.
And so we believe that there is no greater partnership
than our two companies coming together
to usher in this stunning new technology.
And so I would like to take any questions that you may have.
MAN: Yep, I have a question.
Have you thought about posting this on Facebook?
I think it would get a lot of likes.
Well, that was about 15 years ago, so...
I would like to thank you.
For the Facebook suggestion. You're welcome.
Uh, sure. No.
For your critique, it made a lot of sense.
Having to build an entirely new operating system
to access the cloud.
Well, a new kernel. Although I have to imagine
that's gonna be some kind of work.
You've a lot in common with our company, Kenneth.
Oh, yeah? How's that?
Well, your story, your fame.
You're a software superstar.
Single-handedly building an operating system
that changed the way people access the Internet.
Well, our company is developing a technology
that will do the same.
Especially if we have someone like you designing it for us.
I was wondering where you were going with all that.
Come on, I have to ask.
I mean, really, Kenneth, you can't say
that you're not intrigued by the challenge, can you?
Are you offering me a job?
I'm offering you a chance to change the world again.
You like that sort of thing, don't you?