How to Make a Soda Bottle Planter at Bean2Blog Event | At Home With P. Allen Smith

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My name is Sharon Faye Smith. I'm from the University of Arkansas, in the Crop Soil and
Environmental Sciences Program. I'm a Master's student. And I want to show you guys how to
make a recycled planter out of a used water bottles or any sort of soda bottle. All you
have to do is cut it–like you can see here, this is the bottom portion. You cut it in
about 2/3 of the way down, and then invert your soda bottle. Put a piece of felt or some
sort of paper in order to act as a wick to bring the water up. Poke a few holes, fill
the rest with some sort of very light soil media, and plant your soybean or whatever
plant that you wish to start early in the season. The neat thing about this is that
not only is it very inexpensive to do, it's also self-watering from below. So if you're
forgetful, like I am sometimes, it can water itself. You just fill in this reservoir with
water, and it wicks up the water to your plant. And you can also see some of the roots starting
to grow, so it's a really good educational tool for any kids at the house. You can decorate
it, so that's another way that you can get your kids involved with planting and with
learning a little bit about the world around them. So, thank you, very much.