SYURI&MAKOTO do the concerted practice - Jan.13.2011

Uploaded by SMASH on 13.01.2011

(TAJIRI says)Ok good! They have been practicing actually since 12:00PM.
(Do it participate in the practice of SMASH and how?)
There are a lot of players at the same level as me in Ice ribbon.
However, I am utmost to run after because a lot of people whose level is higher than I are here.
Though I might not be able to catch up.
I am feelings that became trainees.
(Did it notice because it practiced with Syuri?)
I do not only understand because I am not after it begins a workout.
(Then, in view of you, how about Makoto's impression?)
I do not think that it is often naturally understood to practice for the first time.
However, she can adapt oneself at once at the time of beginning.
When I was a beginner, I think that she is wonderful because I was not able to do at all.
(The ambition for fighting with Serena of former WWE DIVA?)
I think that I am rich because I can fight against Serena in the first game this year though I was allowed to play a game with the player of former WWE last year.
I think that I can make the best use of by absorbing a good point in the future.
I am never defeated.
I had been looking at Serena on the television a long time ago.
So,I cannot believe to fight with her still.
I make this chance myself without fail.
I show it exceeding her.
(Do you think about something a new technique?)
I think about it.
(Can it be shown now?)
(TAJIRI says)You are made the next chance to show them a new technique.
(What is your ambition of this year?)
I want to learn a lot and to improve the step.
I want to approach my dream.
I advance my story even a little early.