Crackòvia: Cristiano's letter [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]

Uploaded by totalBarca on 05.01.2012

Let's see.. oh, it's letter from Cristiano, let's check what he wants
Dear Three Wise Men, Melchior, Caspar and...
wait what's the name of that one who looks like Diarra
Baltha... Balthazar!
I'm writting to you to let you know that I've been very, very good footballer this year
much better than that ugly Messi
take that, Flea!
So, I would like a Ferrari with 2,500 horsepower...
hmm, no, I've already have three in my garage
so a luxury 50.000-square-meter villa in La Moraleja (an exclusive residential area near Madrid)
no, helicopter maybe, or jet
oh, I've got it all, having so much money is tragedy
oh wait, I know what I really want!
I want to get Ballon d'Or which that stupid kid from Barca won this year,
oh and also Copa, Liga and Champions
yeah and add Pichichi trophy and Zamora trophy too. I want all, all and all
Hey, who's there? Who are you?
I'm Balthazar Who? The king that looks like Diarra
Oh, have you brought me all I asked for?
All, all and all
Oh great, that means I'm Ballon d'Or winner!
What? So small box? Liga or Champions trophy are too big for such small package
I didn't bring you trophies, but magic object that will help you to win 6 titles in one year
Seriously? Oh, what is this? Magic wand?
Not really... open it!
What is this? I asked for titles and you gave me this piece of rubbish
I guess you don't understad, Cristiano, you can't achieve all titles in the world without wearing that shirt,
you're not Wise Man, you're just pretender
and I bet you're not from East, three wise men from the East would never brought me this crappy Barca shirt
Why not? Well this year the Tree Wise Men come from Qatar
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