Droid Battery Life - Power Widget Tips #2

Uploaded by UseMyDroid on 30.05.2010

In this helpful Use My DROID lesson we answer your question:
How Do I Install the Power Control Widget?

In the previous Use My DROID video we talked about what the Power Control Widget
If you missed it, you may want to watch THAT video
to learn how the widget can save you battery life.

Now, Let's talk about how to install the Power Control widget on your phone.

Find a Blank AREA on your home screen where you want the widget to live.
Press and hold, also known as a "Long Press", and up pops the following menu
Choose the Widget option from the list
and UP comes the "Choose Widget Screen",

You then scroll around to find the widget you want.
In this case we want the Power Control Widget. Once you locate the power control widget,
select it by pressing on it.
Then the Widget appears on the home screen
where you long pressed. If it doesn't show up here, it might be because
there's not enough free space for it to live,
so you have to make sure that there's room ALL THE WAY ACROSS - this is a very WIDE widget.

If you want to move the widget around on your home screen, make sure there's room - if there's
not, it won't stay. We'll have to move this folder up to free up some space.
Move the folder or any other item by LONG
Pressing on them until you feel your Droid shake a little bit, then drag it to where
you want and let go. You can even drag it to other home screens, left or right, if you
have room elsewhere.
Here, we've moved the folder to make some
space for this monster sized widget.
Now we can Move the Power Control Widget Move this one just like you'd move any other
item on your home screen long press on it 'til it shakes,
then drag. Remember, this one needs a whole row to fit.

Let's look at how you can remove the widget from your home screen.
This doesn't really delete it, but simply takes the view of the tool off of your home
Long Press on the widget, hold 'til it shakes,
then drag it towards the application tray
which you'll now notice turns into a trash can

Once you get right on top of the application
tray, the item and the trash can turn RED - they're
warning you that you're about to throw something away.

While its still red, go ahead and let go,
and the widget tool will be removed from your home screen.

But just like other items that you throw away from your home screen
it's still part of your phone, you're simply removing the "Shortcut" (that's
a PC term) or the "Alias" (that's a Mac Term) off of
your home screen. You can always install the widget again on
your home screen as long as you have the needed space available.

Here's the USE MY DROID Power Tip

Now that you know how to install the power control widget on your phone,
you might want to make room for it on your MAIN home screen - right up top.
Remember, you need the whole row across to be blank.

The techniques we used to install the power control widget can be used to install ANY
widget onto your phone.
Have fun managing your power usage on your
Droid phone, You should be able to get better battery life
by using this Power Control Widget.
If you aren't sure what each part of this
widget controls, check out the previous "UseMyDroid" video
as part of this multi-part Battery Management series.
And... As the series continues, we're going
to summarize many of these and other ideas you can use to manage your battery usage.
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