120612 Mnet ranking: Onew (sub)

Uploaded by Onewthings on 13.06.2012

Celebritys' super powers you want to steal
Jump to 1:30 for Onew
Super power name: Multiple personality
Description: Unpredictable behavior
Special moves: Causing Onew sangtae through dispaying various drinking behaviors and uttering catchphrases
Onew sangtae is now playing on u
How? painfully!
Greeting with toes
Washing hair with chlorinated water and...
I can make any situation go cold
Onew effect
Members and others tell me when they hear my joke...
...they'll later laugh at it when they go home and lie over in bed to sleep
You were a villain!
Ah I was the bad guy
'Onew oppa is actually nice~' she says
Aigoo thank you
Key, is Onew-ssi actually nice?
Well.. I think he has double sides~
Are you saying he has multiple personality?
Am I an origami paper? (referring to double sided origami paper)
But I'm expensive paper (double sided is more expensive than single sided origami paper in Korea)
To Onew, it's good that you're dreaming to become the dubu within the comedy industry...
...but if you keep persisting Onew sangtae...
...I'll giggle at it!
Stop laughing, I said stop
I have already reached Onew sangtae
It's in trend and only Onew knows it!
[insert Korean pun here]
Do you feel pressured right now?
My shoulders feel heavy
That's because I'm pushing him down
Everyone, we have not turned on the air conditioner just now
You're cold because of Onew-ssi's words
Words? Horses? (they are homonyms in Korean)
Wear jumpers everyone
If he did that once more, it's a broadcast malfunction
Once we were having a meal after concert
He got focused into doing wrestling (after drinking)
He broke all the plates in that restaurant
You can't remember, right?
I do but I don't
That time, I remember having it just a little
It was bitter
Onew's multiple personality power level is 85%