Cheap Vacations - Bitsy's Quick Tips

Uploaded by MHAdviceChannel on 19.04.2012

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 Hi everyone, I\'92m Bitsy from The Frugalicious Show, and this is Bitsy\'92s
quick tips! Ready to get away on a fabulous vacation but don\'92t want to spend a bunch
of money at a fancy resort? Consider renting someone\'92s unused timeshare, you can get
a week at a luxury hotel for the normal price of two nights! Timeshares are available at
many resorts and hotels worldwide, and when the owners don\'92t use them, they often rent
them out - for a fraction of the cost! Check out RedWeek dot com or even ebay dot com to
see timeshare rental listings. We\'92ve got the links below! Happy Travels! }