Louboutin Manicure on a baroque nail art

Uploaded by cutenails on 14.09.2012

In this tutorial I will present you a manicure that was trendy some time ago called the Louboutin.
This manicure is of course inspired by the famous shoe brand Louboutin
It consists of coloring under the nail with a different color.
The upper surface is black.
and the under is red.
but being a fan of nail art, I have personalized it a little
I have added a design to it.
and have added a design also to it.
For the basic cover, I have used the varnish from Orly
now I will show you how to varnish under the nail.
You should have a minimum of nail length to be able to do the Louboutin Manicure
I have applied a transparent varnish base so as not to damage my nails on the upper and lower layers.
I apply the varnish under the nail while avoiding the skin
and I apply two layers of varnish.
So this is the result of the Louboutin Manicure
which can also be done on short nails, but it will be a little more difficult to get the brush under the nail.
For the design, I have taken the detail brush;
you will have more information about that brush in the description.
I use white acrylic paint to draw my pattern
which is something done rapidly.
I have done two face to face spirals
some small drops and some lines.
I have added small dots directly with the brush.
They are tiny ones.
Then I use the new silver glitter Orly varnish
that I apply at the extremity of the nail alike in a French Manicure.
Once everything is dry, I apply the top coat to enhance the shining effect and make it last longer.
The top coat Polish Shield from Orly is really effective.
Do not hesitate to show me you own creations on my Facebook page: see you next time for a new tutorial.