Introducing The Tesco Toy Team

Uploaded by Tescolifestyle on 19.10.2012


>> This is Innotab 2
>> You press a button to play music. >> [Toy] All aboard, lets go!
>> It's fun because the dog chases the ball.

>> Once you get the hang of it I think you;ll have a really good time.
>> Yeah.
>> I would give Furby a thumbs up.
>> We were invited to have a play with Tesco's
top ten toys and the kids were really up for it, so yeah, just come and have a bit of fun.

>> I don't like chocolate cake because it looks like poo!
>> Well, this ones quite scary because it's
got a scary face. >> If you could give it a mark out of 10 what
would you give it? >> Umm, 100!
>> Thumbs up!

>> Are you being naughty again?
>> Thank you!