How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (1/10) Movie CLIP - How It's Done (2003) HD

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( whistles )
Oh, what have we here?
Let us see, let us see.
Oh... Knicks tickets...
...For tonight's game.
Delivery, andie.
Woman: Wow, look at those!
Woman 2: Oh, who are those for?
Michelle: Andie,
Oh, my god!
Delivery man: Where do you want these?
Woman 3: Who are these to?
Wait. "100 times..."
...More beautiful..."
"...Than 100 roses."
The guy's in advertising.
He can't help it.
So, does this mean he's hooked?
This means he found the knicks tickets.
You left the tickets in the purse?
You are just on a whole different playing field.
( phone ringing )
Here you go.
Andie anderson.
Hey, hey, pretty girl.
Guess what?
I got a really embarrassing display of white roses.
Well, you are welcome.
Listen, I had a wonderful time last night.
I have your bag.
Ah, I know.
I can't believe I left it there.
( laughing )
Yeah, well, you must need it back, what with all the cash,
Credit cards, and...
Those knicks tickets for tonight's game.
Sounds like you've been peeking through my bag, ben.
Oh, absolutely not.
Tony, my art director, he's an oaf,
And he accidentally knocked it over.
Ow, right!
Yeah, I'm a clumsy man.
All right, I'm sorry, though.
I'm going to the game
With somebody else.
Ben: Not anymore.
Besides, what?
You think you left your purse at my place by accident?
No. Subconsciously, you are dying
To take me to that game.
Denying your subconscious desires
Is extremely dangerous to your health, young lady.
Does that psycho-babble really work on anybody?
You tell me.
( clears throat )
Andie, you're so bad.
All right, meet me at the 7th avenue entrance.
7:30. Don't be late.
( clicks tongue )
You got it. Bye-bye.
And that's how it's done.
And that's how it's done.