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C: Sorry I'm late. Z: So nice of you to join us, Christian.
C: I said I'm sorry. Z: Is there anything that you'd like to share with us?
S: Mum's had Bushra on the phone this morning...
C: So what'd she want? Z: Oh, just wanted confirmation about tomorrow's entertainment. That's all.
Apparently she rang, late last night, and eh, you were very helpful. C: I was?
Z: Yeah, yeah, what exactly was it that you said to her?
I'll fill you in, shall I? You said not to worry about a thing. C: I did!
Z: Yeah, and that I would be honoured to sing at her party tomorrow. S: I'm sure Christian was just distracted, that's all...
C: Look, why don't I call her back... Z: Yeah, she'd love that, wouldn't she?
S: I think you've caused enough trouble already. Z: If Bushra wants a singer, then that's exactly what we'll give her.
C: I'm so sorry.
S: I'm guessing it was a heavy night. C: Ugh, I feel like I've gone six rounds with Mo Harris.
S: And you wonder why we don't drink?
I wasn't sure you were gonna show this morning. C: What makes you say that?
S: Well, I just assumed you and your friend had a bit of catching up to do. C: I wouldn't say that exactly.
A: Can you believe Janine used all the hot water this morning? S: Good morning sleepyhead.
A: Syed, I really could do without these early mornings.
S: Something tells me this is the start of a very long day.
Z: Where's Christian? S: Eh, he had to pop out and see a supplier.
So, what have you decided to do about tomorrow?
Z: Well it's not like I've got any kind of choice, have I, Syed? Especially not after last week's fiasco with the wardrobe.
I don't suppose Amira would mind doing a job for me, would she? Seeing as she's on my payroll.
S: She's more than happy to muck in, aren't you? Z: Oh, good! Nothing too taxing.
A: Peeling potatoes? Your mother hates me. S: She loves you! She's just got a strange way of showing it, that's all.
C: Sorry, had to pop out, see one of the builde- S: Suppliers! Building... suppliers. C: Yeah.
Z: Christian? Would you mind coming over here and tasting this for me? C: Zee, I'd rather not.
Z: Well, you know, if I'm going to humiliate myself by singing tomorrow,
the least you can do is make sure that my food is up to standard. S: Eh, why don't I try it?
Z: No no no no, I want to know what Christian thinks.
Here you go. It's a new recipe... made almost entirely out of tripe.
S: Eh, I might just go and check on the community centre. A: Don't leave me alone with her!
S: Well here's your time to get in a bit of bonding, isn't it?
S: You alright? C: Is this really what happens when you turn thirty-seven?
S: Well how much did you put away last night? C: I don't know, yout guess is as good as mine.
S: So you seeing James again? C: Didn't get round to talking bout it.
S: Too busy getting reacquainted, were we? C: Let's just say we had some making up to do.
S: Oh, spare me the details. C: Trouble is, James is a bit too keen.
S: You're more the love 'em and leave 'em type? C: Just a question of letting him down gently, that's all.
S: Well now's your chance...
C: What you doing here? J: I just don't want things to be awkward between us.
I was really flattered, Christian. S: I think maybe I should leave you guys to it. C: Yeah.
J: We both said a few things in the heat of the moment. C: You can say that again.
J: I care about you Christian. Which is why I'm back here. He's a friend of mine. 6ft, blue eyes.
C: Not interested. J: Personal trainer.
C: Personal trainer, you say. I don't need your sloppy seconds.
J: You're thirty-seven. Couple of years from now, you're gonna be forty. C: Oh, thanks for reminding me!
J: Well, what have you got to show for it? C: Business. Nice flat.
J: Well none of that means anything when there's noone to share it with.
Whoever gets to settle down with you is a lucky man, Christian. I just hope you let him find you.
C: James... B: Who's he?
C: The ghost of Christmas yet to come. B: Ey? C: Don't matter.
B: Any news on when the caf's reopening then?
I have got a family to feed, you know.
C: Just bear with me, will ya, ginger. B: Maybe I should give Ian a ring, see how his holiday's going then.
C: What d'you want? B: How about we start with a gin and tonic?
S: Mum, come on, you can't stay in there all day! Z: Promise you won't laugh.
S: We promise! A: First rule of show business: never leave an audience waiting.
C: Don't say a word. S: I wasn't going to.
A: We can't hear you at the back!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, that was just too funny. S: Look, she didn't mean it...
A: I think Hadiqa Kiyani will sleep soundly in her bed.
Z: You know, there was me thinking that you had work to be getting on with... just call Bushra and tell her the party's off.
S: You don't mean that! Z: Don't I?!
Look, this was going to be my one chance to show how far our family had come...
I am not going to humiliate myself, Syed. Not again!
S: That was helpful.
A: What's the point in trying to get her to like me? I'm never going to be good enough for her precious little boy, am I?
C: This is all my fault... S: Oh, just forget it.
C: Look, what if I came up with a way to get your mum back on side? S: Fancy yourself as a miracle worker, do you?
C: You've helped me out enough times. Go after her, I can finish up here.
Thanks. S: Well, what for?
C: Covering my back today. S: We're partners, aren't we?