what's in at epoca for september-2010: John Dickinson

Uploaded by epocasf on 14.09.2010

When you think of the San Francisco design scene of the 1970’s, names like Michael
Taylor or Tony Hail quickly come to mind, but one other designer come should also be
mentioned among these “greats”.
John Dickinson, a Bay Area native, attended the prestigious Parsons School of Design in
New York.
Arriving back in San Francisco in the mid 1950’s, Dickinson became what was to be
called a more “conventional” decorator – the pillows had to match the drapes,
the chairs matched the pillows…you get the idea. But, this approach was not for him…
Dickinson’s design focus began to change. His use of industrial materials such as tin
and plaster was ingenious. We are lucky enough to have two Dickinson pieces in our inventory.
One of Dickinson’s most iconic pieces is this African-inspired tripod table made of
white-painted plaster. As you can see, his pieces are bold and unafraid.
Another innovative piece is this classically-inspired side chair with dramatic animal leg supports.
How fun and innovative!
What was great about Dickinson was that he took everyday objects – a table, a chair
– and made them into a fantasy, while retaining their function.
An exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art entitled “Fantasy and Function:
The Furniture of John Dickinson” featured his furniture and drawings.
In a review by the San Francisco Chronicle, critics called Dickinson “the most brilliant
singular interior designer of our time”.