Kaagaz Ke Phool

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Yes, this is a film studio, he is walking into
In this studio, countless films have been made, are being made
But this studio hasn't changed, nor the atmosphere here. .
all is, as was ; only different films,. .
different people
Time was when. .
when he too was here, making films
''I have seen. . ''
''a world full of love''
''They all part. . ''
''one by one, they all part''
''What have I found. . ''
''from this world. . ?''
''Tears alone. . ''
''nothing else remains''
''Flowers and flowers. .
''blossomed in my gardens''
''Even thorns. . ''
''I have no hopes for''
''Here, in a world of greed. . ''
''they all part. . ''
''one by one, they all part''
''I had seen a world full of love''
''They all part one by one. . ''
''they all part''
''In times when fate favours. . ''
''when hope is still young. . ''
''to worry of a future. . ''
''where is the time?''
''May your glory be. . may time flow''
See? On the second stroke of nine, Mr. Vijay walks in
In the numbers' game, today's jackpot is number two
What a shame! Bad boy!
What a tune! The boss heard it and said it's for the sequence. .
when Devdas is dying on his way to meet his beloved
Let's hear the tune. - As you please
The icing on the cake is, my music. .
will match the pace of the sequence in film. Soft
Cut out the introduction. Let me hear the tune
As you wish. There were no lyrics, so I just used a filler
Suresh will never make that mistake! Why do you forget. . ?
You are playing Paro, Devdas' heroine
Isn't that enough? - Absolutely!
A twenty-year old girl without a fancy dress. .
without a pencilled eyebrow, not even a hairdo. Not even a curl !
Tell me, do I look like a heroine, or a witch?
There's a point
What were you saying? - Only. .
Kanta doesn't like Paro's role a bit!
What I meant was to add some bounce to the character.
Please, for my sake
You will mould yourself according to the character. Not vice versa
I'm not asking for much. Just a beauty spot and. .
a few curls in my hair. - Not a twist
Not even a side parting in the hairdo? - No. Just plain
I'm not working in this film
You're taking this too far. She can wear a side-parting.
Then get someone else to direct the film
What, what, what, what. . ?
The parting stays simple, Kanta
I regret very much, dear. But the parting. .
Stays simple
Hello, Sir
''Long are the glittering nights''
''Once the night is spent, where are the joys gone?''
''Only a moment. . ''
''all these pleasures last''
''Pleasure, only to exhilarate. . ''
''the painful climax''
When did you arrive from Bombay? Now?
I don't think you've met my Daddy
Why not lock me up in a museum for. .
. .your friends to take a good look at?
Pammi, you go on too
She too? Why?
You can't see her. Her mother's orders
But she is my daughter too. - But you aren't her guardian
Her mother admitted her here. We can't ignore her instructions
Jittery seeing me here?
We pay due attention to etiquette in this household. Do sit
Lulu's bark sounds feeble. Could it be a cold?
Suresh, meet Rita. The new member in our family
Actually I'm here to see some other member
Your daughter
Tell little miss that her husband pays her his regards
I'm coming from Dehra Dun
I wasn't allowed to see her, in terms of your instructions
Lulu surely has a cold. Her bark is never so feeble
She gets her brandy twice a day. I give it to her myself
The lady says she won't see him
So how's the Bombay weather?
I haven't travelled 800 miles to give you a weather forecast
I want to discuss Pammi
You have wasted your time for nothing. What we had to decide. .
we decided years ago. - Years ago, it was your daughter. .
who walked out on me. Now you want to take Pammi away from me?
Now. . ? You are forgetting Suresh. Pammi and her mother. .
have been living with us for years.
Because the child needed the mother
From now on, my daughter lives with me
Sir B.V. Varma's granddaughter in the rotten film atmosphere?
No one in the world is as unfortunate as us, Suresh
In high society, we feel ashamed to say that our daughter is married
Because then they ask us what her husband does
Before the wedding, little did we know that you'd end up in films
I don't understand why you think so ill of the film business?
In this household, we discuss good things. .
not rotten things. Let's talk about something else
Then my last word is, no one takes Pammi away from me
The courts are open to everyone. Keep trying
What. . ?
You'll drag family squabbles to court? - In British justice. .
I repose complete trust. - I don't wish to argue with you
I'll discuss what I have to, with Veena
The best formula for headaches you pick up from that zoo. .
is a peg of brandy
First get the formula
If you're seeing an old fool, one swig
If you're seeing an old fool's wife, two swigs
If you're seeing wives. . my God ! Whole bottles aren't enough
She refused to see me
Ask Rocky what it's like to spend a lifetime with these women
You come only once a year. Look at me. At thirty five and a quarter. .
I feel like having lived a lifetime with women !
Where are you going? - Club. I've to see Jimmy too
Poor chap, he's sick
How is Jimmy now? - Better now
The doctor has prescribed a full diet for him
He looks fine. - Thanks to Dr Singh's diagnosis
Where's Dr Singh?
I had asked for one Dr Singh in shirtsleeves. .
not someone in a blouse! - I'm his daughter
If you're Mr. Rakesh, nice having met
This isn't a horse's leg
Where's your Paps?
Paps? - Papa
He isn't here. I treated Jimmy. - You did?
Yes, and for the next few days, I will be coming. Papa isn't well
How wonderful !
I mean, your being here
As soon as you arrive, Jimmy feels better. And I. .
Forget it! Your father has typhoid? He'll be laid up for 40 days?
No, it's a cold. Two-day affair. - Only a two-day affair?
Anyway, he can't come to the stables.
What if he gives the horses a virus?
You have a cold?
I mean, strange weather, isn't it?
Forgive me, if you're speech-impaired
No use asking my name. I'm having my dinner at the hostel tonight
I have no interest in movies. - What?
But why are you telling me all this?
I hear gentlemen nowadays begin with a hello. .
when they come across girls, then the weather. .
third, the name, fourth, an invitation to dinner or movies, fifth. .
Makes me half a gentleman
I can't get beyond number two. Not to worry
Really? - Rest assured
You have a cold, and it's chilly
Why aren't you carrying your overcoat? - Colds and chills are for free
An overcoat costs money
Use this
You. . ? - Come on
What about you? - I won't get a cold. I've had a brandy
I hear men drink alcohol. .
and then they misbehave
There are those who drink to forget misbehaviour meted out to them
Oh I forgot! I'm taking the train to Bombay. In 20 minutes
Listen. .
You sent a beggar to play a bit role
One more complaint and you're through
Just manage this once, Mr. Gupta
Background lighting is ready
Camera on crane. Truck forward. Get over with the lighting
Hey! Are you stuck here? All extras are on the sets
I'm going, Master-ji
Take care of him
Why aren't you on the sets yet? Why don't you say?
My baby was crying for a feed. - If you're so preoccupied. .
why come to work as an extra? - Musa !
Yes, sir
No hurry. You can come to the sets after you've put your baby to sleep
Thank you
Come here, child
What's your name? - Shammi
Keep this
What do you want?
Anyone called Mr. Sinha in this company? Film director
I've been waiting for you. - Rushes ready
Book the theatre
Musa ! Who asked that extra to walk in?
This is a coat
Yes, in the rain. .
I mean in Delhi. You gave it to me. Under that tree
Oh yes, yes!
You're here to return the coat? - Yes. . no!
I'm here in Bombay looking for a job.
I found your business card in the coat
So here I am. . - May I talk to you after the shot?
Gupta, give her a chair
Print takes 10 and 1 1. - Okay. Sir, the girl who came. .
Yes, where is she? - Gone. She left this letter for you
Glasses. . ? Binda, read this out
Gupta, what have you done? You've printed the wrong take
Wait. Let it run
Binda ! She's the one! That's the face.
The one for Paro's role. Exactly
Gupta, wherever this girl is, call her right now. Right now
But sir, looking for someone without. .
. .a name, an address in this huge city. .
If you don't know, find out. Quick! Paro must be found !
Walk, please
Face in profile. Turn
Bit of smile
Bad teeth, maybe. - You're as morose as an orphan
Are you here to mourn someone? - Playing a heroine is no child's play
If you can't show your teeth, . .
. .at least let us hear you speak. Come on. .
I can't act
I'm not becoming an actress
Hear that? Are you going to make her a heroine per force? And why?
Features okay. But blank face. - She ought to display some emotion
She doesn't even know how to smile! - She'll end up in silent films
She isn't becoming the heroine. I have decided. Period
Gupta, give her make up and put her on the set
What, what, what, what. . ? - Decide after the screen test
Who owns this company? He, or I? - You are
The Paro of my dreams
Forever, my eyes have been searching for. .
this vision. - What?
This naivete, this innocence. You are Paro
No, my name is Shanti
Shanti? - Yes, you gave me your overcoat
If it's Paro, she must be someone else
Paro is the heroine in ''Devdas''. That's the role I want you to do
But your colleagues have failed me
Please excuse me. I can't do acting
I'm fine the way I am. - What way. . ?
I mean, what are you doing? - Great job. With a chemist
At 90 a month, I draw only 10 less than a whole hundred
You know what you'll make out of working for our company?
One thousand
One. . ? - Thousand
You'll act now, won't you? - Wait a minute!
A thousand ! At most I need 150 to live it up
And the rest? Oh no! So much? For a girl all on her own?
On your own?
A distant uncle who keeps distance.
I've been brought up in an orphanage
Your education? - I earned enough to pay for my books
Finger on my needle, eyes on my books. I've passed matriculation
The more I understand you, the more I am convinced
You will make a splendid Paro. - You have such faith in me?
I can't tell you how much. You will do splendidly. Trust me
Can you trust me?
Strangely, for the first time in my life. .
I trust someone else more than I trust myself
Here you are
Paro's dialogues
I say Meherban. - Not Meherban
Jimmy is winning this race. - Come and meet my new heroine
He's one of biggest in the big bracket
Not much. Only five feet eight inches
I mean, Mr. Rakesh is a millionaire
Not that word. I hate it and I'd rather die a bachelor
Where are you putting up? With Suresh? - No. At the Taj
When I left home, I decided I want to be free
Here comes my freedom
Miss Juliet Singh
She's takes care of the health of all my children
How many children do you have? - One dozen
Last year I had eight. This year twelve
Twelve. . ?
Five brown, seven black
His kids have four legs and a tail
One is running in the races. - What a kid !
You're in Bombay and you don't even telephone me
Time for the race. Excuse me
Mr. Suresh
You. . ?
Come here
Curls? Show me your fingers
Your nails!
Eyebrows, done up! What's all this?
For this party. . he said. .
Parties are more interesting than work?
I never expected you to take to tinsel town so soon
Please listen. . - To what?
Tomorrow you're shooting. Playing Paro. An innocent Indian girl
With all that lacquer in your hair, what are we going to shoot?
It takes 10 days to come off. - I didn't know about the make-up
You think the make-up makes you look pretty?
You're looking like a monkey
What. . ? - Yes
Wiped off the innocence on your face
You should've asked me how endearing your simplicity is
What. . ? - You think I'm joking?
I've seen uglies trying to look pretty
First time, I'm seeing otherwise
Enjoy your party
See if they're ready. - Okay
Okay? - Perfect. It came off so soon?
I was after it all night. - You didn't sleep?
You said I love partying more than work
They are ready
Did I chide you too much last night? - You called me a monkey
I don't know why I was so harsh
I never do that to my heroines
No one? - I may have expressed annoyance
But I never had the nerve to scream
I'll explain. It's because you're a gentleman
Really? - Gentlemen don't scream at ladies
What are you thinking?
I think you mind what happened last night
Whatever you say, I won't mind. I understand you quite a bit
What do you understand? - That you're. .
like a walnut. Tough outside. Soft within
''The passing wind. . ''
''whispered something in my ears. . ''
''New hopes, a new desire wells up in my heart''
''A new fragrance touches my body, my soul. . ''
''as your tresses flow''
''My faltering heartbeat tell me, I want to meet him''
''Meet him in this lovely season''
''The easterly drives me crazy. . ''
''my heart wants to fly''
''The passing wind. . ''
''whispered something in my ears. . ''
''New hopes, a new desire wells up in my heart''
''I'm ecstatic. . my heart won't listen to reason''
''It's the mischievous breeze''
''It bites like a snake''
''Oh the breeze! ''
''Bites like a snake''
''It's killing me''
''The easterly drives me crazy''
''The passing wind. . ''
''whispered something in my ears. . ''
''New hopes, a new desire wells up in my heart''
Yes, she is here
Let me sleep. - It's 1 1 : 30
It's a trunk call from Bombay. - What. . ?
What. . ? Suresh? Accident?
I'm sorry to hear this
How is he?
If he needs me, put him on the next flight
His every need will be taken care of
No. . I can't go over
I told you I can't
What happened? Mrs Sinha isn't coming? - No
In a time like this, were someone from his family,. .
. .to have been with Mr. Sinha
Anyway, a nurse stays with him round the clock
I have given him morphine. Let him rest for 10 or 12 hours
Very well. Let's go home
Nurse, call me when he comes around
Shall I give you a lift home? - No
I called a cab. Please proceed
Where have you been, nurse?
I don't like to depend on anyone
But these eyes. .
and now I have no one else but you to fall back upon
Is it raining outside?
Then I'll stay on in this room
I like the sound of falling rain
That night it was raining too
And the poor thing didn't have a coat
Nurse, how is Shanti? She was in the car with me
I'm still with you. - Who. . Shanti?
You're all right, aren't you?
Quite. Here's water
I'm thirsty. But how did you know?
It's more than 13 hours since you had water
I know your habit. You drink water every two hours
Where are the servants? - Everyone is asleep. It's 2 am
That's quite late
Ask the chauffeur to take you home
You don't want me to stay? - I wish. . but. .
I don't want to trouble you
Then don't ask me to leave
No. .
you better leave
What is it? - Nothing
Here she comes. - Why are you laughing?
This magazine is all praise for your Dad
What do they say? - Shall I read it for you?
Read it
Suresh Sinha, the famed director has found himself a new heroine
It's said, she used to sell medicines
Now she's treating Mr. Sinha's heart
Maybe Mr. Sinha intends to take complete. .
. .advantage of her knowledge of medicine
What does this mean? - Rubbish ! My Daddy isn't like that
You've always lived apart. How'd you know what your Daddy is like?
I know! I know everything about him.
Everything? What's his new film?
I. . that I don't know. - Who's his new heroine?
I don't know. - Why doesn't your Mummy live with him?
I don't know! - Do you know your Daddy's name?
What did you say? I'll break your face!
No one is in the studios yet
How come you're here so early?
You're early too
Habit. I come in a few hours early
I know
What else do you know? - Everything
After that night, maybe that's why. .
. .you never came back to ask me how I am?
You asked me not to
I asked you to leave
I didn't ask you not to come back
Did you wish I'd come?
Whom are you knitting for? - There is someone
A Mister Someone, or a Miss? - Mr. Someone
Didn't you tell me you haven't anyone in this whole wide world?
Who is this?
Someone just like me. Very lonely
Shanti, maybe you don't know. .
I am married
I know
''Life brings us to. . ''
''such sweet pleasure of pain''
''Your self, you are no more''
''Myself, I am no more''
''Longing hearts. . ''
''come together''
''as if. . ''
''we never were apart''
''Even you are drifting. . ''
''as I am lost. . ''
''no sooner than the journey has begun''
''Life brings us to. . ''
''such sweet pleasure of pain''
''Your self, you are no more''
''Myself, I am no more''
''Where to. . ?''
''I do not know''
''We have set out''
''But the path I know not''
''What do we seek?''
''I don't even know''
''But, with every breath. . ''
''my heart weaves a dream''
''Life brings us to. . ''
''such sweet pleasure of pain''
''Your self, you are no more''
''Myself, I am no more''
''Life brings us to. . ''
''such sweet pleasure of pain''
''Your self, you are no more''
''Myself, I am no more''
Yes, about your Bombay stables
Just look at this
Strange! He's wearing half a beard
Look at the caption. Film types
You wanted to say something, Paps?
At your Bombay stables. . I'm sure I've seen him somewhere
Whom Papa? - The one in that photo
You keep seeing him everyday. You're seeing him right now
The beard is pencilled in. Why did you leave it half-done?
That's you in the photo!
What a shame, Papa !
He might not care for the prestige of our family.
He is going into films too? - My son ! I can't believe this
Mum, you should answer Papa. - First you give me an answer
How did you go over to those cheap film-wallahs?
I took a cab
Sir B.V. Varma's son falls among film-wallahs! And he even took a cab!
What might they be thinking of us? - They don't even think of us
He's staring at the actress. See the look in his eyes?
Before the wedding, that's just how Suresh would stare at me
Before the wedding, Suresh was still in his senses
He was foolish to have married you
Take your words back!
All in the family. Stock it away. Someday, I'll collect
Who are you?
That's my Daddy
Your. . ? - Daddy
Daddy's photos. Why have you put them up all over?
Why are you mum? Give me a reply
Who else's can I put up? I have no one else. .
no relatives, no friends. - And my Daddy is everything to you?
When did you arrive from the school?
How long will you be with your Daddy?
First give me my answer. Then I'll give you yours
How do I tell you? You're still a baby. - I'm not a baby
I ran away from school to come to you directly!
What baby could do that?
Ran away?
You shouldn't have done that. Why did you run away?
To pick a fight with you. - To fight?
Sure, you'll have your fight. But after the rigours of the journey. .
how can you put up a good fight? Take a wash, have a bite first
I'm not eating. Don't trick me. I know you don't love me
How do you know? - You're Mummy's enemy!
How can you love your enemy's daughter?
You're Daddy's daughter too
Darling, I bear no enmity towards your Mummy
You're lying ! You're snatching Daddy away from Mummy
I won't let it happen. Get it?
You're getting me wrong, Pammi. They have been living apart. .
long before I came here. - That's because I was a baby
Now I'm grown up, and if I try, they might come together
But not as long as you stay in between
I tell you, you are mistaken
Then why have you such a huge photo of Daddy? Tell me!
I'm not a baby
I understand everything. - You understand nothing !
If your parents are living apart, it's all your mother's fault
Who are you to accuse my Mummy? Whatever happens in my family. .
is a private matter.
What right have you to meddle in other peoples' lives?
You've no right to meddle in my life!
After a lifetime of getting kicked about, for the first time. .
I've found happiness. Maybe only in half measure
For me it's everything. In no circumstance will I give it up
You never had any parents
I have mine
I have my Mummy's home, Daddy's home too
And my home's in hostel
Different homes for three of us
I was trying for us to have the same home
But you won't let that happen. Little do you know. .
what parents mean, what life is living without them!
Naughty you ! Now I know why you ran away from school. For Daddy?
Yes Daddy. But how do you know? - Your grandfather called
Grandpa? You won't send me away too soon, will you?
Let Grandpa worry himself thin
In the meantime I'm giving my daughter a great tour of Bombay
Today, I'm taking you to the premiere of my new film
Premiere? Is your new heroine going to be there too?
Yes, why? - Just asking
Where are you off to? There's lots left
Come on Suresh
One more. - Closer please
Give us a look
Will you keep your promise?
What a sense of humour! But a wise girl like you. .
doesn't throw away this name, this fame
I have decided. I'm not working in pictures
Why, why, why?
I think you've lost your mind. All of filmdom is agog about you
You're ruining a bright future! And you know it very well
My future. Not anyone else's. - Damn anyone else
Everyone who is wise is selfish
I want to go away. - Look, I'm not your enemy
You're like my daughter. - I just want to leave
I'm not letting you do this mistake! - I'm not working anymore
I'm not working anymore. - Who says you won't?
You are bound to me by contract for seven years! Don't you forget!
I'm going to sue you ! In court
Whatever you do, you can't force me
Who says I can't? I'm doubling your pay!
Still, no. - Three times over!
Not even then - Fourfold !
Not even for a hundredfold. Don't harass me
Your telephone, sahib
How come. . ?
Shanti is leaving Bombay
Was it Shanti? - My boss called
Why are you nervous? - Who, me. . ?
Why should I be nervous? - When did you see Shanti?
Meet her? Not at all
Don't lie to me
Yesterday at the theatre, you made her promise something
And today, she gives up everything, she moves out
That's the promise? - What else could I do?
The papers are writing all sorts of things about the two of you
People talk ill of you. My classmates make fun of me
If you had a complaint against your Daddy, you should've told me
What right have you to torment an innocent girl?
This is the first time you've screamed at me
Because of what you have done. You're still a baby
You should concentrate on studies.
Instead, you run away from school. .
you meddle in the affairs of your elders?
Till now, you weren't angry about me. .
. . running away from school. But now. .
it's quite something else!
Come in
Nice apartment. - Yes
You've been here for. . some months now, no?
For the first time in so many months. .
. .you've come to see my apartment?
No. . I. .
You. . ? Are you leaving?
Yes. I wanted to inform you before leaving. .
but. .
No need
I know why you're leaving
I was sure you'd understand
We always understood each other
Right? - Always
Why do people start getting to know each other so well?
I wish it never happened this way
Had it never happened. .
you needn't have given up everything and gone away, like this
You can escape everything. .
but destiny
Listen. .
I hate running noses
You tricked Pammi into coming here
Be seated
I haven't the time. I want to take Pammi away. Right now
You can't take her away
I'll do what I want. Who's here to stop me?
I am. And if need be, per force
I say, the consequences of confronting. .
. . Sir B.V. Varma won't be nice, Suresh
I don't care
I'll sue you. I'll call the police! - Do whatever you want
No one can take my baby away from me
Don't say you weren't warned
The court thinks Pramila hasn't come of age to decide for herself
Whether she ought to live with her father or her mother. .
is for this court to decide
Mr. Sinha, since when has your daughter been living away from you?
Since her mother left me, been nine years
And now you wish to keep her with you? - Yes
Servants apart, do you live all alone? - Yes
Can you bring her up on her own? - I surely will
How? Shootings and editing keep you at the studios night and day
Who will look after your daughter? - I have trusted servants
When you are away shooting outdoors, for months together. .
will you leave her with your servants? - I can take her along
At the cost of her schooling, at an age when education is a must?
She needs her father too. And I need my daughter too
You never felt this need before? - I have, always
In these nine years, I had grown used to loneliness
But now, this loneliness is a burden
Never in my life have I felt so lonely. If Pammi is taken away from me. .
The court is considering what's best in Pammi's interests. Not yours
In this quarrel between man and wife, if she has her father's company. .
she loses her mother. If she has her mother, she misses her father
In your daughter's interests, why don't you arrive to a compromise?
I won't. Because of Pammi's good
I don't wish my daughter tainted by the filthy atmosphere of films
The courts regrets. .
the decision of Pramila's parents against arriving at a compromise
Keeping Pramila's best interests in mind. .
this court is directing her mother to assume custody
Get a whisky
It's 1 1 o'clock. He isn't ready yet? What happens to the shooting?
It's been so long since I got a good number to bet on
What to do, boy?
Mr. Sinha's timings have gone wrong, and your numbers
John,. .
. . how is your new girlfriend? - I proposed to her yesterday
Like the earlier one, this one refuses me flatly
You've escaped
I've been thinking
Never do a man's job
I was wondering, how it feels. .
when a girl is propositioned
I can tell you only after I've become a girl
If you want, I can get to know right away
Don't pretend. You know how
I'll call John right now. He's an expert ''propositionist''
I'm asking you to propose to me!
Make me a proposition. - After I've relieved myself
Rocky, where are you going? - Why, you look horrified !
''What you and I call a marriage. . ''
''you know, it's a complete disaster''
''If you lust, you will regret. Mind you. . ''
''Mind you, you will lose your freedom''
''Come when you will, go when you want''
''Pitch your tent wherever you please''
''Sing in the streets, whistle. . ''
''raise the cheer till sunrise''
''Wherever I go. . ''
''I am welcome''
''Once you're married, you're written off''
''No lovely lass will even give you a look''
''This splash of colours, this fun. . ''
''is because I have such friends''
''I'm lucky to be so happy''
''Why am I envied?''
''What you and I call a marriage. . ''
''you know, it's a complete disaster''
''If you lust, you will regret.
''Mind you, you will lose your freedom''
Give me today's scene. - Scene?
Sir, maybe you don't remember. Today we're doing a song sequence.
We're ready. Rehearsals are done
If you wish to see again. . - Not necessary
''I've betted. . ''
''on evens and odds''
''With a smile I roll the dice''
''I've betted on evens and odds''
''With a smile I roll the dice''
''Look at destiny, you fool ! ''
''Look how you're trapped''
''Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Why cry?''
This is a real crisis!
Where are you running? - So far and no more
Why are you staring at me? Inform the police!
What is the matter? - My theatre is in danger
Because of the film you have made
Listen, that's Suresh Sinha ! He gives us this rubbish
He should be given a fitting reward
Sister, tell us a story
Yes, a story
One, two, three. .
four and five. .
six and seven. .
eight and nine. .
they all lived together
But they had a hundred quarrels
''Nine tells Eight. . ''
''You're too small for me''
''Eight tells Seven. . You hang like a broken tooth''
''Seven tells Six. . How did you get here?''
''So they all started screaming and quarrelling''
''Poor little One just stood staring''
''Poor little One was lonely and he wandered''
''On his way, he found another little no-one''
''Poor little One was lonely and he wandered''
''On his way, he found another little no-one''
''One asks. . Who are you?''
''She said. . I'm just Zero''
''And One thought. . What am I but the smallest one?''
''They got together, became ten. . ''
''and then luck smiled''
Sister, then what happened? - Yes, what happened afterwards?
''When they saw One turn Ten. . ''
''Everyone tried to make friends with Zero''
''Nine smiled sweetly''
''Eight flattered her''
''Seven lured her with pretty dreams''
''Six kicked up a storm''
''They took Zero away from One''
''They broke down the relationship''
''Once again, poor One was lonely. . ''
''and like before, he wandered''
Your last film has flopped too
This news I have heard
Not to break this news,. .
. .I have called you here to tell you the outcome
You have lost 500,000, maybe 7 00,000
But don't worry
My next film will fetch you more than you've lost
I surely will. And I have made adequate arrangements for that
So soon? I haven't a plot ready
Not to worry. I have a script ready
You should give me a reading
If I like it. . - You needn't
You shoot the script. You can't change a single line
What. . ? - You will have no say. .
in the music department. I'll do everything myself
You can't insult me into directing a film for you
If you're making all arrangements, get someone else to direct it too
That arrangement is in place too.
You aren't fit to direct movies anymore
What did you say?
Do you say I'm unfit to direct movies?
After the millions I've made for you? And I am unfit?
You were successful. Not any more. We're in the film business, Suresh
For your sake, I can't be unjust to five hundred others
Intellectually, you are finished. You can't make hit films anymore
No, I'm not finished ! I'll prove it!
I'm just. .
My trials. .
the restlessness within. .
how long can a man carry a burden?
The auction was to have happened. How long could it be put off?
For two years, he has been out of work
In these two years, he tried his best to find work
But he didn't get any
And how could he? In filmdom, once a man slips, he falls
Then no one even talks of him
Neither his audience, nor his financiers
The audience has forgotten him. .
the backers are about to
This is the way of the film business. It takes time to make a name
It doesn't take time to be forgotten
My second win ! My lucky day
Mine too. After two long years I've won the case against Shanti
After two years?
Anyway you are the winner. What's the prize?
Big prize! Shanti has to work again
Shanti won't go back to work. - But she has lost the lawsuit
The last time in Delhi. .
I got to know that Suresh's house was auctioned off
Didn't you bid? - No
You still think Shanti will work for you?
What difference does it make to you?
You see? A woman's brains
What. . ? - I mean light, flower-like
Mr. Rakesh. . ?
On the ground
How come you're here? - Well, hunting
And you. . ? - I teach the kids here
Where are you coming from? - Bombay. The racing season is over
At the last races, your boss. .
Seth Dayaram? - I met him
I get to know that you have lost the case. You have to go back, no?
What else is news in Bombay?
Poor fellow! He was shot
Who? - Moti. One champion of a horse
He made millions for his owner. Broke his leg in the last race
Why? - A three-legged horse is useless
That's the world of money. You don't lose time, losing the man. .
who made millions for you. - You aren't here for the hunt
Nor to talk horses. Why not be clear?
Suresh is out of business too
If you get back to work, your boss has promised to let Suresh direct
Your reply?
Do you need one?
So the boss wants me back? - Immediately
You are to report now. - Strange!
I think I misunderstood him
He isn't bad at heart. I'm happy
He has finally realised that he needs me
How about making him happier? - Nothing lost
The heroine of the movie you that are going to direct is. .
Ms. Shanti
Yes. Even after losing the case, she might not have returned
Then why has she returned? - This we cannot tell you
If we tell you, you will refuse to come with us
And we're here to take you. - Then how do we tell you?
What's the matter, sahib?
One Rupee. Thirteen Annas
Three Annas more, please
What happened? Why don't you speak?
Suresh didn't come?
You saw that? What more can I do?
How far can we help a man who has turned against himself?
Don't get me wrong. Our doors will always stay open for him
Now that you're here, someday he will surely come back
Do you like my new apartment?
I have everything. A roof to protect me from rain and sun
A floor to go to bed
Oh you're standing. . Wait
Here you are. . the latest design in sofas
No one else in town has it
Do you still knit sweaters? - That was the last one
I'll start knitting once again
To your comeback!
You don't drink poison in times of joy
They don't drink poison?
Is that line out of your latest film?
This is no poison, nor elixir
Alcohol, that last resort for chronic dreamers
That excitement of fame and success. The euphoria of wealth and love
Those who have lost all, seek refuge in this
The boss is making a big film
He needs you to direct it
He needs me? Or you?
You, by far more than myself
Shanti, we have always understood each other
So don't refuse me
I know. You have returned just to help me find work
Why should I return just for your sake? Who are you to me?
You just spoke of the headiness of fame of wealth
That's what I'm back for. Not for you
If you're a good actress, I am an old director too
That's why I have come to you. I know I can perform the best with you
That's why I'm interested in having you back at the company. Period
After ages, someone has lauded my direction
For this happy occasion, one more! - Don't! Not any more!
This is an occasion, Shanti ! Let me! - It's going to destroy you
I won't let you drink. Never! - Why do you stop me?
Who am I to you?
We'll never misunderstand each other
You know. .
now that I have lost all else. .
I have only one thing left in me. My pride
I give you my pride to keep
If you still wish, take me to him
What do you wish?
You want me to come?
Your wedding invitations
For Pammi?
Jassi, do you know who's coming to your wedding?
The Viceroy attending an Indian wedding. .
. .will be the highlight of the year
Is Pramila's Daddy coming?
That makes for two outstanding events at my wedding
But what are you doing here, now? - Holding these flowers
Where's Pammi? - Pammi? She isn't in her room?
She told me she's going to see Jassi.
If she lied, then it's something
Where has this girl gone? Where might she have gone?
My wages for the last two days. .
Be patient, friend. Business is slack
When I get the loan, I'll pay you everything
Still at the books? Accounting never ends
Please, have you dinner first
You have given me shelter, Anwar
In return, these small jobs. .
What a thing to say, sir! For years, I have been in your employ
It's your own garage
Baby is here!
All grown up!
Don't tell her anything about me
Air in the rear wheels. - Very well
Hello, Baby
Anwar! It's you !
Is this place yours? - Yes
Anwar, where's Daddy? Do you know his whereabouts?
No. I haven't seen him for long
Surely, you've heard something
I came here looking for him
Baby wanted to take you home. She is getting married
Pammi is getting married?
My daughter's wedding !
Who are you?
What do you want this time?
I have lost everything
Everything. . then what for. . ?
Oh yes
I bought your Daddy's house back. If you wish to have it. .
No, I just came to ask his whereabouts
His whereabouts?
He isn't where he was yesterday
Tomorrow, he won't be where he is today
He doesn't even know his own whereabouts. How can I. . ?
Tell me, when you met him the last time, where was he?
When. . ?
Was it yesterday? Or the day before?
Or was it last week?
No. .
last month
I can't remember
Days come, days go, I cannot remember
I can remember nothing but those memories
What! You will work as an extra?
Yes Musa, I got to buy a gift
You'll give me a make-up, won't you?
It's my daughter's wedding
I told you, I'll do it for you
Friend in need
Brilliant! As in need to drink
You know whom you have the honour of serving?
Have you seen the movie ''Devdas''?
He did a bit role in that? - Ass. He directed ''Devdas''
Director? I'm not an ass. You are
What did you say? - I say you are an ass
You are. . ? - You are an ass
You ! - You are an ass. - Come on, get up!
Get him
Get up
You get drunk and then you get into a brawl?
Walk straight. You get drunk, and then you start a riot?
Sahib. . you?
At this cheap joint?
What a shame! Go home, sir
Who was he? - Famous film director
He had his heyday. But in this film-line you never know
He used to up there in the skies! Today, he is in the gutters
Get up
You didn't hear? Come in for make-up
Come here
You know your lines?
Will he be able to say his lines? - Yes
Sit here
Head bent. You remember the dialogue? Say it
I'm looking for peace too. Eternal peace
Only those who have nowhere to go come here
Are you lost too?
What are you staring at? Say your line
Please repeat your line Madam
Are you lost too?
Gopal, what have you brought? An idiot? Throw him out
Call another extra. Come on. Out!
That's company property. Here's your rag
Mr. Sinha. .
''Fly, fly far thirsty bee''
''There is no nectar here. . ''
''where paper flowers blossom. . ''
''not in this garden. . ''
''where innocence is lost . . ''
''Hopes are dashed''
''One hand gives. . ''
''a hundred snatch it away''
''This game has been going on. . ''
''Alas. . ''
''they all part. . ''
''one by one, they all part''
''I have seen a world full of love''
''One by one, they all part''
''What have I found. . ''
''from this world. . ?''
''Tears alone. . ''
''nothing else remains''
''Flowers and flowers. .
''blossomed in my gardens''
''Even thorns. . I have no hopes for''
''Here, in a world of greed. . ''
''they all part. . ''
''one by one, they all part''
''I had seen a world full of love''
''They all part one by one''
Who's that in the director's chair?
Did you shut the gates properly?
How did he get in?
What's this crowd? Pick him up
Today is the heroine's last date. We must finish by six-thirty
Why are you staring at me? Have you never seen a dead man?