ArchiCAD 15 - Complex roofs - Editing eaves

Uploaded by Archicad on 02.05.2011

For editing the complex roof eaves we can use the available pet palette commands similarly as a fill.
Let’s see some examples.
Let’s select the roof and click the roof edge.
First let’s add a new node to the plane.
Then let’s create a curved edge using the second option from the pet palette.
If we edit the pivot polygon using the same pet palette commands the result will be markedly different.
After selecting the roof, let’s click on the pivot line.
By adding a new node, we can divide the roof plane and create new segments for the roof.
We can easily create curved roof eaves, making the straight pivot line curve.
All these functions are available in the 3D window as well.
Let’s “add polygon” to the roof edge.
The selected roof plane will be adjusted.
If we add polygon to the Pivot polygon,
an additional sub roof will be created as part of the complex roof.
Let’s now activate the “custom edge settings” command.
Here we can customize the edges of the roof, … editing the Edge Angle, or side material.
We can also add an Edge Type parameter which can be listed with Interactive Schedule.
All these changes can be applied to only the clicked edge, or to the selected edge polygon, or to all edges.
Let’s now select the last one and click OK.
We can freely modify and customize the eaves of the roof.