Benek 1/7

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English Subtitles written by individual without compensation
I just want to promote this movie to the world
Stop this machine
Rest a little
Three of you stay for the next shift
You Alos, you and you Kacik
But always me and me
Kacik, but you don't have your own family to feed
But I can't anymore ...
You want to taste this!?
I've got enough of this tyranny …
I dream of real work, normal Benek, for people, not this …
For us, this is normal
Don't be silly Benek
It's normal, I am telling you
And what's here, a beach?
Man, this isn't work for 2 people
Well maybe you want to start a ballet?
Yeah, very funny
Work now, faster
Good day.
You play again rather than work?
I play. Funeral, after work
And Benek "the same story"?
Common son, I made you tea
Sleep Mother, I need to sleep
What are you doing here? Don't you have your own bed?
Get out of here
Get out of here, out to your own bed
Get Rysiek out!
Something wrong again?
He is in my bed again
You know little one has problems sleeping during the night
I can't even sleep in this house
Look for a woman, she will keep warm bed for you
Drink tea Benek
God bless
God bless, Mother
Happy road
May God pay back
Brother-in-law I have to go, you listen?
What is it now?
Look out after Rysek, mother did not come back from the store and I have to go the doctor
What again?
Oh common brother-in-law, don't be like that , you look after him will you?
Rysiek, be good to your uncle please!
You terrorist you!
Maybe you would like some soup?

Excuse me that I intrude in your world
It is me Benek, miner
Those flowers the red ones …
I brought those flowers 3 days ago
The same as always
But, it is settled, settled for sure, amen!
Diplomas of a Miner. You deserve that man!
The working union thanks you, thank you for long years of work
I am going to get you
I ask you to the table Mr. Benek!
You sign this paper for new road
You are like a bachelor
You are leaving mining for ever
Here, sign it, and then get your money
Where? Here on the bottom
Voluntary Termination of employment allowance please
This time of the day, no wonder. Your documentation please
Real life will start?
Yes, the real one
Real one, real one. You don't want to work, that's all.
Rich people, God dam. Count! 40,000 (2011; ~$12,500)
Welcome to the "Mine-Ends" region.
Oh you
I am looking for investors …
You are hiring?
Man, my firm is growing so fast …
You're the man. Where do you work?
Oh a little bit here and there …
I took severance package
Oh Benek, so you are the boss now! As! Can't talk to you.
You have your eye on something?
Yes, want to rest a bit …
There's lot of work. Courses, everything …
I could find something for you
Let's go have a drink, we talk
No thank you, I have to go
Where, you don't have to go anywhere
We can talk about your future
You see yourself in management
"Baby-Jesus", it was supposed to be just a beer
Losen up Benek. We have to talk. Common, drink
No I am going.
Listen, I have a place where there is coal, clear profit
Leave me alone, I don't want any coal
You friend are nervous
Sit down man
Here is such custom that whoever comes here with severance package, sits there
Sit down
Drink for a luck in cards
You are going in. Money on the table!