Victor The Hitman: Senator Roberts Gets Burned

Uploaded by VictorTheHitman on 16.08.2011

Hey Creeps
How are you
Hi tops great to see you
Finally made it bob
Got to stomp down Ben Gattos
I understand how your meal
Mud got in the band dizzy festor nation
These calming hard are us
I can only do corn munch with my washing machine
But you got to know I'm just a urban presenter
and being an urban presenter's washing man I don't have the Klout
This is a Bubba Hoe Tep building project
I've been down the jersey shore
I dicked her like a love wire
herp durp stop the heavenly
he's come back from Desert Storm with a drum stick alright
He's been working under your jews since I was a kid, alright
he has his hands dug in Bambi and now he just has rich Joe
And onesie boomer killed people alright
Now we have to free with hit ever single day
In the sock
in the sock
Hi sleek mark how are you bouffant ski good
Hi uncle dicked her
that's why I love you uncle Victor
You being a lude girl
that's my girl
tea blunts
hebrew cock flu
director take careof some dumb
Shakey fuzz buzz
Not to good with the fashions your pushing on my Sammy
What press is that fuzz
Great Scott
It got on bum bum there's a whore going on there
Skate Darby do pan cakes coco butter
You know your whore is going on there's no money coming in the Sammy
aggressive tea party movements in hebrew with some body else I care
federated vests of specifications ruin my hair alright
Buzz don't wine anyhoo tickets my old grand
But I got to be slamming Sam and we cna get the job done.
So we can get it on from the motels
Man feet this my area they moved in fuzz oh poo your specs funky Lenn
But sometimes my eye drops are my balls
So guess what. Kill them all let big foot run his mouth KO
Your butt
I like nuts. I got nuts. Jack you all
There's only Palin in my stoops this is a fester molestation of Cindy Lu Hoo do
You can chew whores! You are a tea party activist
I'm a child molester
you are right now. There are things you all hope about Pete
Fine butt
I just had a gass explosion in your mouth
Molester her in the AM 10 nuts
The late great reporters at my house. When bend over the high side
Palmer liked my hat
Brown rolls like stink on jews
My son was one
Don't touch meat
Bobby kick this pie
booby booby bob my foot hurts
This got the stop
Jerry Boo, Cindy Lu on you Festor Japs
Uncle Bens takes care of the family hippies
viseral japs was kiling my crack ass fire other than.
Cuts up the fire stole up drones but my teeth grind in the morning
Cuts up the fire stole up drones but my teeth grind in the morning