Shun Classic Knives Review from Kitchenware Direct

Uploaded by KitchenwareDirect on 17.11.2008

Today, I'm at the Kitchenware Direct test kitchen and we're looking at the incredibly popular
Shun Classic knife range.
These razor-sharp knives are popular with both professional chefs and home cooks.
Each Shun knife is hand-crafted in Japan by
skilled artisans. This attention to detail means that the Shun knives are sharper
than any other knife on the market and hold their edge a lot longer than most.
So why are they so sharp? It's the super-hard VG-10 steel.
This allows a blade angle of only 16 degrees,
compared to European knives
which have a blade angle of 22 degrees.
This angle allows the blade to cut with surgical precision.
You may notice the wavy Damascus-look pattern on the blade.
This is created by pounding 16 layers of steel
to 3/1000 of an inch.
Not only does this look fantastic,
but it also stops food from sticking to the blade.
Shun knives are extremely comfortable to use,
with the unique tri-lobal handle which rests easily in the hand and reduces fatigue.
The full range of Shun Classic knives
are available online at