KUD - Beach (English Subs)

Uploaded by VolatilePotion on 05.10.2012

It really is too hot. I'm warm and my anus is sweating.
I had never thought it possible.
Why would anyone lie voluntarily on the beach in this weather?
Really, you don't know?
The legend is that when you're lying on the beach on a warm day...
you might see the extremely rare vision of the royal sea otter.
That's why we're all at the beach.
Oh, there he is! What are the odds!
Yo! Let me explain it to you once. Pass the beat!
Ah, ah, the beach. What is going on?
What is going on? What is going on? What is going thong?
But you didn't explain anything. -What?
You said: "Let me explain it to you once." And then you said: "Beach, what is going on?"
Which you repeated about three or four times. -I also said 'thong'!
Yeah, but, it still doesn't explain anything!
You were basically freestyling and it went terribly.
That you don't appreciate art! Bet you think you're much better than me. Come battle me then!
Better than I am. -What?
Not "better than me", but "better than I am".
It must be awesome to spend time with you.
Not really.