Mesa Vista - Hunt Auction - Park Cities Quail Unlimited Dinner 2008

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The most of this range consist of 60,000 acres which Mr. Pickens has put together over a time span over the
last 20 years.
80 percent of it is prime quail habitat, it also supports long tail deer, mule deer, antelope
and wild turkeys. And many on the species which benefit from our wild life management.
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We take anywhere from experienced shooters to people that's never quail hunted before.
The experience is we can take professionals or we take just whoever he invites or comes down hunting
you dont have to, you ever shot a quail before.
Here at the range we did not let any automatic or pump shot guns. We shoot over-under
for safety reasons and if you did not bring a over-under we can supply you one here with a gun safe.
We did like to think that our hand trucks makes our hunting unique from the way we use our dogs
from the -- and the way we take guest hunting, we can accommodate nine shooters on our hand trucks
we have 30 Ford old trucks that have -- carry 10 dogs on each truck. We usually hunt 3 hours
in the morning and 3 hours in the evening.
We have a wide variety of habitat to hunt. Over the last 5 years we have killed on an average of 2000 birds a year
That is the figure out there and we just want -- rather had a couple of quail on it. We usually hunt three years and
creek bottoms and we have 900 figures on the range for quail and turkey and deer.
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When we get our dogs tired, we come in and we can water them up right here to back at the kerb.
Water those two ponies up and the labs and then we will swap and put down another pony or another lab
and then two more ponies and we can go on now and go right back into hunting.
When people come in here to the range to hunt on a quail hunt they will come in on a like a Friday evening and then
they will come in and we will entertain them and they will have a -- they will eat and the next morning we will take
them out at 9 O'clock till about 12 and then we come back and eat lunch and then they will hunt
from 2 till 5. So it's a neat experience for people if they have been never here before.
They have the time of their life whenever they leave.