The Rock Church - Easter 2012 (Interview #1: Nick Vujicic) [CC][HD]

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PASTOR RICKY: Really, really, do you need any introduction, right They know you, this is your family.
PASTOR RICKY: Hey, for those of you that are *laughing* Wow
* Applauding *
NICK: Oh, thank you! Am I on?
NICK: Okay PASTOR RICKY: Oh, you're on buddy!
NICK: Ah! PASTOR RICKY: Yes you are!
NICK: Please be seated
PASTOR RICKY: You know, I, uh... the reason why...
NICK: wait, wait, wait PASTOR RICKY: Wait, wait, what?
NICK: Who's the Man? ALL: JESUS!
NICK: It's great to be back in the house! Thank you for your love!
PASTOR RICKY: Well, welcome to your family away from your family.
PASTOR RICKY: And we're glad your with us, you've been with us a couple of times
PASTOR RICKY: But already these people They want you to stay at their house tonight.
PASTOR RICKY: Can you do that?
NICK: What? PASTOR RICKY: They want you to
PASTOR RICKY: Come over to their house after today NICK: Come over to their house?
NICK: No, uh, we have preaching and then I have a wife to go back to.
PASTOR RICKY: Hey did you hear that? Alright. ALL: * cheering *
PASTOR RICKY: So, here's what I want to say Nick I want to say like that average guy seeing you...
drive down the street in your car would probably not know that you had a cool accent
He's got the coolest accent doesn't he like the Australian thing.
That you get to travel the whole world and tell your story,
and now you have a supermodel wife. No one would really know that...
unless they actually had a conversation with you and hear your heart
and maybe they would say 'I feel sorry for that guy' What would you tell that person?
NICK: Well the best thing out of everything out of my life
is the blessing of knowing Jesus Christ.
After my joy in salvation through Jesus Christ and understanding what it means
to be celebrating this weekend
Yes, right after the gift of Salvation.
is my wife and my life, but there is a God who loves you so much
and He has set me free and without having a conversation with me
you wouldn't know why I am smiling. But you would see my smile
and the smile is real and it's because the pain of yesterday
is not as bad as what's to come and I'm sorry you won't always hear that
but whatever you've gone through If you're not with Jesus
you're going to be tackling whatever struggles you're going through in your own strength
and the change in my life wasn't that my problem went away.
my problem now was giving it to the hands of God and it's Him
who I trust and it's Him who carries me when I cannot walk.
PASTOR RICKY: So, let me ask you this Nick there's a lot of folks that are sitting here
some that came here because they were drug here by friends and family and some of us...
NICK: Wait, wait Seriously? PASTOR RICKY: Yeah, yeah, where're you at?
NICK: Sick! That's good! Hi, welcome!
PASTOR RICKY: She's like saying, 'Me' Here's the thing...
there's people that are sitting here that are just on the edge of
what they feel is the brink of disaster and they're looking for hope.
So... Bring them hope!
NICK: Well, with the time given me and commitment I can't go over time because
I can't use the excuse that I don't have a wrist watch.
But I do want to say something to you today.
I want you to know that I love you so much.
and I love that song by the Katina's We love their ministry.
Whoever you are, whatever you've done
just come on home and that's what we want.
You know when we don't know where we're going and we don't have that sense of home and belonging
you know, maybe disasters in the home maybe it's in the financial time in your life
where you're just like, what is going on what's going to happen.
Being born without limbs was very very difficult
to believe that God had a plan for me was impossible for if God loved me, then where was my arms and legs?
I asked for arms and legs, grew up in a Christian home arms and legs did not come.
But you know what I was looking for? I was looking for a healing.
and I thought that healing with arms and legs would heal everything
some people think that a new relationship would heal everything
more money would fix everything and it doesn't.
it doesn't, nothing from the outside can ever fix what's on the inside
and it's not about the outside that counts.
the completeness that you see right here is from the inside and exudes out.
and it's not because of a positive attitude
it's because I truly believe that Jesus Christ has set me free
from my biggest disability which is sin and death.
and...and arms and legs are not.
We're all trapped in sin.
Arms and legs are not billionaires, they're not healthy or sick.
We will take our last breath here on earth.
knowing that we were never ever perfect Never ever deserving to go to a perfect place
People say well everybody goes to a good place then how good is good?
and how bad is bad for people to come to heaven, or not come to heaven
and that's why we have Jesus Christ as our measuring stick. Compared to Jesus I am nothing.
I need forgiveness of my sins to be accepted as a pure, person...
and I am not pure I am striving to be who God wants me to be one day at a time
Does everything change overnight? No Does my circumstance need to change? No
But it's a decision that I make saying, 'You know what God, I know I'll never be perfect'
And I know I can't raise myself from the dead.
so, I believe Jesus that you died on the cross for my sins
You are the son of God you are the only one who said
I Am Holy, no one ever said that they were perfect except Jesus.
He did say with a full humble heart I Am Holy, I am blameless, and I am God
and He faced the devil, face-to-face and won, and died, and rose again
No one but Jesus did that!
He did miracles, but the greatest thing of all is knowing that I can have a relationship
With God, a strength bigger than mine a grace where God carries me one day at a time.
into the plans that He has for me He doesn't always make sense
But He always is faithful.
I'm going to pray that you can receive that because that is a powerful word
Lord Jesus, we thank you for speaking through this man
and we thank you for this word he just laid on us and that's the truth
and I pray that those who are sitting in here today that are having a tough time receiving that
will receive it in Jesus name we pray Amen!
Thank you for being here brother, we appreciate it NICK: Love you guys, thank you!