Gorm Wisweh bager pizza i Morsø Forno

Uploaded by morsoliving on 14.05.2012

Hi! Today we're going to make one of our favourite meals, the pizza
I think everybody's tried to make pizza
but today we're going to make it even better, so both family and friends will be impressed
So today I'll show you how you can create a true authentic vera italiano atmosphere at home
but in a way so that everybody's able to join in
as baking a pizza isn't rocket science, but just pure love!
So let's begin
when I make pizza there're three basic elements I follow
First of all you've to have a good pizza dough - great, smooth and elastic bread
then you need a great tomato sauce, which actually tastes like tomato
and at last you've to throw away the grated cheese and replace it with tasty and fresh mozzarella.
Now it simply can't go wrong
We start off with the dough
I've some overnight cold rise dough here
however it's not necessary
you can easily make the dough when you get home from work
it only contains water, salt, sucker, yeast
and 00 flour, which is the Italian pizza and pasta flour
and then I roll out the dough and dust the surface in some semolina flour
this makes the pizza extra crispy and that's one of the tricks
Now the base has been rolled out and is fine and thin
now let's move on to the ingredients
and now it's not about heaping everything
it has to be minimalist and that's generally the Italian style
so don't over pour
the pizza has to be crispy and simple
We're making pizza Margherita, the original - the mother of all pizzas
and if you can manage this you can succeed with all pizzas
first we need the tomato sauce, which actually tastes like tomato
and then plenty of fresh mozzarella
and at last we decorate the pizza with a few basil leaves. That's it!
I've made sure that the oven is very warm and ready
and I've pushed the coals to the back of the oven on the rounding of the stone
now we're ready to put the pizza into the oven
it has to be close to the coals and it'll be turned in the process
Notice how the flames almost are crawling over the roof of the oven
and hereby gives the pizza heat from above
It's fantastic!
It's almost done!
You can even see when the pizza is done, when it lifts itself up from the bottom of the oven
and almost says "come and take me!"
then you just take out the pizza
and as you can see
and you should only do this if you've got cooking fingers like me
how lovely and crispy and fantastic the pizza has become
then we just need the three basil leaves
One for faith, one for hope and one for love
and a bit of salt
Enjoy your meal!