LinkedIn Profile Appearance - 6 Tips to Improve Your Online Presentation - Linked-In Account Advice

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LinkedIn Profile Appearance - 6 Tips to Improve Your Online Presentation - Linked-In Account
Hi. This is Antonio over at Real Men Real Style. And today I'm going to be talking about
personal style, non-visuals in your LinkedIn profile.
So, if you didnít know, we actually launched a LinkedIn group just last week and weíre
asking people to go ahead and join the LinkedIn group that theyíd like to learn more about
business style. So far, we had over a hundred people joined and itís been really exciting.
One thing that Iíve noticed though is that I go through ñ when I look at everyone joining
the group, I get excited about it. But then I see that about half of the people donít
even have images on their LinkedIn profiles and then I go ñ and I start to check out
go deeper into the LinkedIn profile and I start to see that, ìWow, they actually donítî
ñ you know, theyíve only got three or four connections and theyíre probably just new
to LinkedIn and they donít realize how important it is to put forth a good presentation on
LinkedIn. So, if youíve spent five minutes registering on LinkedIn, I highly advice that
you go through and spend another 25 minutes putting forth a good profile. And youíre
going to want to focus here at the top. You know, it has taken me ñ Iíd say over the
last few years, Iíve solely built this up in added connections, join to, you know, close
to 50 groups to all this info you see here, Iíve added in overtime.
But when it comes down to it, and people look at your public profile and this pops up very
high in the search engines, theyíre only going to look at really six quick things,
things ñ sorry about that. And so, you want to pay attention to your LinkedIn picture,
your past, your education, your recommendations, your connections and the websites. Now, you
also want to pay attention to your current, but thatís probably something youíre already
filled out. And in addition, your summary is pretty ñ is pretty important as well,
but this is something thatís ñ if you get the other six things, youíre going to be
perfectly fine. So, let me go ahead and jump in. The first thing is you need to have a
profile picture. I see so many people who do not have a profile picture and theyíre
just kicking themselves in, you know, in the back side. You really need to take care of
this. Itís something ñ do it right, donít just put up an icon or a random picture or
something of you kayaking. You want to have a good professional photo because LinkedIn
is a professional platform. And people come here to do business and they want to do business
with other people. So, go for a nice professional good looking picture.
After that, youíre going to want to have a good summary. You can see ñ read my summary
here, I help men increase sales, improve their confidence and trust by teaching them how
to dress professionally. So, in very few words, words I try to summarize what Iím all about.
In addition, I let people know Iím in the Austin area even though I live up in Wisconsin.
I do get down to Austin quite a bit. And now, my current ñ Iím the founder of Real Men
Real Style and also the president at
Now, this stuff is ñ you know, most people donít have a problem putting with what is
currently going on. But where I see a lot of people mess up on is the number two thing
where they put in their past. They try to impress people with everything theyíve done
in the past even though some of it, really, it doesnít apply with where they want to
go, with what theyíre doing now. So, I say really streamline your past and look at, okay,
is this going to be useful in helping somebody understand who I am and make them want to
do business with me. So, I put the fact that Iím the captain ñ I was a captain in the
United States Marine Corps because I know what instills trust. And it gives a lot of
the vets out there a reason to want to come connect with me. And it gives me a lot of
credibility which I earned and ñ itís one of those things that I like to put that out
there because I want people to understand where Iím coming from.
But what youíre not going to see is the few months that I spent as the CFO of a manufacturing
plant. I donít think it applies. In addition, I used to climb radio communication towers.
When I was in college, not a lot of people know that. And, yes, it is my past but Iím
not going to put it here because I donít want to confuse people. Next, my education.
I talked about that I went to not just the University of Texas, but I went to the business
school at UT. In addition, I also put where I did my undergrad.
Now, my recommendations, I could probably be doing this a lot better. One way, you know,
a lot ñ if you donít know of any ñ if you donít know how to get recommendations, one
way to do it, you want them to be sincere, but one way to possible get more recommendations
is to think about people youíve worked with in the past and go recommend them first. And,
you know, the law of people are then going to want to give you a recommendation.
Now, you need to keep it sincere, and it needs to be real. But the great thing about LinkedIn
recommendations is that can be very small and still very effective. Connections. You
want to have and you build up to well over a hundred connections. LinkedIn is about connections
and you want this to be a strong number. Once you go over five hundred, all of a sudden,
itís not going to start ñ stop ñ itís not going to count past 500. Itís just going
to say 500 plus in your websites. Now, notice what Iíve ñ I see very few people ever do
this, but Iíve added description to websites Iím going to sending you to. So, if you want
to learn more about business form or formal business style articles. Iím going to take
you over to tailored suit because there I talk about suits and ties, dress shoes.
If you want to learn about business casual style, Iíll send you over to Real Men Real
Style because I talk a lot about denim there and other things which are more casual. And
if you want to learn through video, then Iíll send you to my video channel as well.
Now, let me show you somebody else that weíre doing a great job. My friend, Drew. So, look
at what Drewís got. Look at his profile picture. Great profile picture. So, heís got light
skin, light hair and he uses a very muted background. Heís got the professional look
in sports jacket on and heís got this bright strong medium blue shirt. He looks great on
it. He puts what his current position is. He talks about his past. It all makes sense
as to where heís at right now. His education, his number of connections and then his company
and his personal website. And if I look at his public profile, which always make sure
to look your public profile, I can see that everything looks solid. In addition, Drew
shares a lot more information about his past and what groups heís in. I can see Drew is
an Eagle Scout. I can heís on the entrepreneur society. So, I can have a better understanding
of what makes ñ of who Drew is.
Now, letís look at Barney Bishop. Heís over at marketing with working steps. Great profile.
Awesome picture, Barney. And I can see where heís at. I can look at his connections. I
can see heís got nine recommendations. I can look at his portfolio. I know heís got
a blog, which I follow called fragrant moments in which he talks about scents and muscularity.
The only thing is when I click on his public profile, Iíll notice that, boom, all of a
sudden I canít get to his websites and I canít see much about Barney. So, I would
recommend that he would go back. If you remember, go back and look at my public profile, you
can get to my websites and you can quickly see my summary. So, thatís one thing people
want to check out.
On my LinkedIn profile, actually, Iíll share with you ñ youíll be able to see what Iím
tweeting about. But again, on your public profile, make sure that it is in sync with
your inside in LinkedIn profile.
Grant Harris is another great example. I love Grantís profile picture. Look at that. I
can see that heís into the custom clothing, two great suits, a great look, everything
in his past is a personal shopper as a menís wear branding manager. All of this makes sense
as to where he is at. I can see his latest tweet. So, all of this works well. Heís got
194 connections. Three people have recommended them. But when I go look at his public profile,
I can go to his Twitter and his about ñ his about picture. But one thing that I canít
do is I canít get over ñ I canít see a picture of Grant. And thatís something that
Grant needs, you know, he probably ñ after he see this, heíll go make the change. In
addition, I would like to be able to ñ I know heís got a great blog and I canít get
to it from here.
So in summary, you want to focus and have a good solid picture. You want to make sure
your LinkedIn past makes sense with where youíre headed and where youíre currently
at. You want to make sure your education, your specific. On your recommendations, you
want to try to get as many of those as possible. Your LinkedIn connections, try to get over
a hundred. In your listed websites, make sure that people can link to those and get to those.
All right. So, as you can see, there are a lot of people in the group that need help.
And itís something, again, 25 minutes, you can be up and running on these six points.
Youíre going to want to spend more time building out your summary, going through and making
sure that your experience looks good. Asking for recommendations, that is something that
takes a bit of time. And you want to join groups. Groups are very powerful and a great
way to connect with other people
All right. This has been Antonio Centeno with Real Men Real Style. Hope youíve enjoyed
this video. Let me know if you like it. Itís a little bit off topic from what I normally
go into, but I firmly believe that style doesnít stop at our clothing. Style ñ itís all about
the projection that we put out of who we are. And not just a projection, but, you know,
oftentimes when people ñ especially nowadays, if people donít get to meet us face to face
as much as we would like. And weíre doing so much work virtually, I think itís very,
very important that on a platform such as LinkedIn, you have a strong professional appearance.
Okay. Take care. And again, let me know if you like this. Bye-bye.