2NE1_TV_Season 2_E05-2_2NE1 in Jeju Island

Uploaded by 2NE1 on 12.10.2010

Got it!
Uh, this is like midget fish.
Should I let it go? It’s just a baby?
I’ll catch you when you’re grown, bye.
I don’t know how to do it.
My dad’s good. I don’t get this.
Help me.
I don’t know what to do.
PD, there’s no point in filming me.
I’m not catching a thing.
Why isn’t anything biting?
Got it.
Wow, lucky.
Can we eat that?
They made sushi out of my fish.
- Great. - I want to eat it, too.
Good job.
It’s so funny that I can’t think.
Come on out. It’s alright.
Hello, Bada. Hello, Eugene.
Shu, I’m your fan.
Docking after a fun time on the yacht!
Should we go to the Goblin Road?
- Go for a drive. - Ah, go go go
Get in, everyone. Get in.
Get in like this, Minzy. Like this.
This is how you get in.
To Jeju’s major attraction The Goblin Road
It goes backward if you leave it alone?
It looks like a hill.
Does it?
- It’s moving, moving. - What is?
It’s moving right now.
Is it going forward? Are we?
It’s a rising hill but it’s moving back.
- What are you doing? - No, my foot’s here.
But it’s going fast.
Even when it’s flat. This is how the car’s supposed to go?
The car’s not supposed to move.
- If it’s flat. - Yup.
It’s slowing down.
It’s not going backward, will it?
I guess the Goblin Road ends here.
Mr. Goblin, push us some more.
Maybe it’s not Mr.
Ms Goblin? Or a kid goblin? Could be younger?
Now, we’re talking.
Go. Go.
After experiencing The Goblin Road to the next course on the list!
6. 4. 2010 2NE1 at the horseback riding
- Have you ridden a horse before? - No.
- When I was in the elementary school. - Before?
As you can see, horseback riding is different from other sports.
It requires cooperation with a live animal.
You must be awake and that much focused.
Are you scared to ride a big animal.
And in case the horse takes off fast.
Horse has the mental ability of a 3 year-old.
So it knows when you touch him and gives him love.
- It’s a good horse. - Ah, pretty.
Horse has a bangs like me.
A split bang.
bangs like mine.
One, two, good.
Isn’t Minzy good? Expressionless.
Big butt’s good in riding a horse.
Minzy has a big butt.
You can’t feel the horse with your butt?
Touch your horse.
Dara afraid of a big animal
Got the strength to ride the horse but it looks hard…
Scared? Hold it a bit. Breathe.
- Go. - Let’s go.
Moving out to the field to ride the horse
They all ride well for the first timer.
Let’s go inside.
They are ladies and as first timers they did well. Had some sense as well.
It was fun. It was fun today.
Thank you.
6. 4. 2010 The members’ first cozy dinner together
We are Chef Park and Chef L.
What’s today’s menu?
It’s the stir fried chicken I told you.
Just how long has it been?
I mentioned it but since it’s been a long time, I’m ashamed.
Oh, my God. We get to finally taste it.
- I won’t get my hopes up. - OK, don’t.
Today, I’ll make you sauteed beef fried rice to you.
Did you peel the onions? I peeled my forehead.
- How am I supposed to react to that? - React well.
Mmm. It’s good. Very good.
Go go.
- Chef Bom. - Yes.
I’ll trust your skill from living alone.
Oh, the barbeque smell.
This is a first time for the members. for us to be out and cook together.
We did take an extra day when we go somewhere to work.
Please taste this.
- Good. - It’s good.
The best!
How long does it take to make the stir fried chicken?
I don’t know. I haven’t started it.
- Oh, really? - I’m just doing the ingredients.
Should we not make it then. Tell Bom that it’s fine.
She’ll get really angry.
Please taste it.
- Mmm, good. - For sure?
It tastes like spicy rice cake soup.
Oh, no.
This is not what you meant? This?
Close but not yet.
It tastes fine.
What are you all doing outside? Barbeque?
You aren’t eating? Are you?
Is it good?
Oh, where is the stir fried chicken team.
Oh, it smells delicious. Is it done?
The grilling is done.
It looks good.
I added some garlic and pepper.
Should I get the rice?
It’s not much but bon appetit.
Dinner table full of hard work begins~
Wow, let’s eat it.
Yummy yummy.
Bom’s stir fried chicken was a success.
Good night.
Wash before you sleep. I’m tired today.
Everyone, go horseback riding. I think you lose weight.
Because of horseback riding today.
My sleeping picture should be pretty.
It’s our fantasy. Someone sleeping.
Mr. YG will be delighted.
She in phantasm Seo Taiji and the boys
What’s next? After that.
Two, three. Sorry. To YG I’m really a fan of this song but
Minzy, is it funny?
So funny.
Because I’m so filthy I’ll hurry to the shower.
6. 5. 2010 Time to go back to reality
Ta-da. It’s so pretty.
My face.
We have to go back to Seoul now. Sad.
I wanted to have more fun.
I think I’ll come back with a friend or just to rest.
I’ll swim and get fit.
I think I should swim.
I almost fell.
Eating is important right now. Gong Minzy is acting cute.
Why, SE7EN has an awesome body.
What? Oh, my God.
I like that kind of abs.
Yes, fresh and special MC SE7EN.
No nervousness no, no~
I think I’m a natural MC.
Oh, I can’t focus. No, don’t do that.
What’s that? That round...
Oh, I can’t say it. My eyes locked with someone earlier.
Oh, I know~ so cool.
Yes, we thank a lot of people today. Planning Hong Soo Hyun Head Producer Kim Gi Woong
We went to New York and recorded music video. Organizer Han Sung Mi
What are you doing now? Organizer/Planning Choi Jae Yeon Kang Ji Hoon Um So Young
We got our music video and that and that’s right. Content Roy’s Mom Baek Hyo Jung
So we have nothing to do. NLE Editing Lim Hyun Jae
We went to Jeju Island this time and will go to London next. Recording Park Seung Sun Music Kim Chang Hyun
We have hip-hop as base. OAP Art Director Kim Tae Ju OAP Design Lee Sung Yoon
And even when we sing a slow song we do reggae R&B. OAP CG Director Kim Hyun Min OAP C.G. Park Hye Sun
- Don’t follow me. - That’s right.
I was tricked by PD and got on the horse. Web planning Kim Young Jun Lee Ji Hyun
And where are we going next week? London? Web Design Kim Jae Yoon Web developer Shim Man Seok
- Going to London. - And what... Ads Kim Ji Young Marketing Lim Dae Jin
- Don’t know. - Look up for us.
And we thank all the staff for their hard work. Administrator Choi Won Jung Lee Yoon Jung
No, stop. It’s not fun anymore. Assistant producer Park Min Ah Min Geun Kim Sun Woo Kim Eun Hye Ryu Jae Young
Alright. Then everyone we’ll see you again next week. Director Lee Sang Yoon
- We’ll see you. - Yes, we will.
That’s right.
Next week again with us. You got to do Show Show Show like this.