aetbaar part 11 w/eng subs

Uploaded by Sha0allyss on 06.04.2009

Didn't l tell you? l'll kill you if you enter my daughter's life again
Didn't l say that to you? - What are you doing, sir?
People are watching
You're taking the law into your hands
A father's responsibilities are greater than any law, you understand?
To perform my duties, l can break any law!
Any law! - Let me go, sir
You're in a rage, sir. - ln a rage, l'd have killed you
Because l'm in my senses, l'm letting you go with a warning
That was your voice. Wasn't it, Mr Ranveer?
This is a ploy he's using, Commissioner
lt's a ploy! He deliberately came to the hospital
He deliberately set that newspaper on fire so that l'd...
or else, where was the need to carry a tape-recorder there?
Ask him!
You may go. l'll send for you when the need arises
Anytime you wish to, sir
l have full faith in the law and the police of this country
Whatever the provocation, whatever...
you shouldn't have threatened him in public
You also said that you were not angry, you were in your senses
Anyway, you're right. He's indeed a very cunning boy
For now, he has filed a complaint with the evidence
lf anyone does any harm to him now...
you're the one l'll have to take action against
lf you've got to love...
if you've got to love me...
you'll need to trust me
Trust me
This high if you wish to enjoy...
you will have to trust me
Trust me
My eyes are closed to everything else...
You are the one l have trusted
lf you've got to love...
if you've got to love me...
you'll need to trust me
l'm beginning to melt...
at the feel of your lips
You're the one who's taking over my heart
What senselessness is this...
what are we doing?
This ecstasy if you wish to enjoy to the hilt...
you must learn to trust
What's happening next...? l know
l do trust you
Take the call, Ria!
Uncle, Ria isn't taking my call either
Love is deeper than the oceans
lt knows no shores
Get to know love, through your love
This faith if you want to believe in...
you must learn to trust