TEDxJovem@Ibira - Julia Toro - Reutilizar, criar a realidade

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Before we start I would like to make a quickly activity.
We close our eyes, everybody now.
You can close, don´t be afraid.
It´s the moment to feel to feel you are here.
Learn to feel yourself.
To feel the body, the breath and silence.
That´s it.
We can comeback.
I am used to start things on a different way to really be in what I am doing.
I would like to say I am very honored for receiving the invite to be here
and for being with you. Young people, young-spirited, young-old…
Youth that are here to listen to stories, to get inspired.
I believe we share the dream of developing the world together.
It´s what connects me.
It makes me to come here and to connect with you
Because I think we share this dream of living at a wonderful place that we want to make together.
It is also my dream, but I have another one that goes beyond
which I believe everybody has the right to go for happiness.
It´s something that always made my heart to bump.
I think many people spend their life surviving, struggling to live instead of searching for happiness.
This world I want to work for is a place to look for happiness and be really happy.
Well my history comes from the fashion world I am graduated in fashion.
Although I had never thought of working with the social or environment issues
I knew my path was with arts then I chose the fashion because I believe on its artistic potential.
It can transform.
But on the fashion world I realized a lot of glamour, futilities
People being hired on slave conditions
I was feeling bad and didn´t want to be part of that.
I got in with one expectation but I felt like running away.
I worked with design, photography
those were really cool jobs.
at music shows, theaters…
but suddenly there was an emptiness and I could not understand.
I was working with such entertaining and nice jobs
and I felt emptiness in me because I could not get a true satisfaction.
I was missing something to touch my soul deeply to deeply touch me.
Then I started to search for spirituality.
It is not me on the slide, ok? Just to make clear It is not me.
On this spiritual path I started to look for answers to some anguishes.
In one class course I was taking I understood a very simple and basic thing.
you might know, but for me was a big discovery.
I realized that the creation of life is made of a big essence divided into people.
Then on truth we are made of the same essence
we are different people, different personalities, but the base what is base for us is the same.
It was so powerful that I started to think a lot about being the same.
But if we are the same essence why don´t we live in harmony?
Why is there so much injustice? Why are people suffering?
So I felt like moving myself acting for the world I want to live, to make.
Then I took a course called “warriors without weapons”. It is very good I recommend it. I do.
It joins youth from all over the world to work for 30 days at on ONG.
Those are people as you that want to build this world together.
It was very strong, a work of self-knowledge in parallel with action in the community
Here is Prainha a comunity of houses built on the water with stilts
Along with this discovery inside ourselves we were doing we could act in the community. Very intense work.
So it inpired and gave me strenght to go and act around the world.
Ok, let me go back i will show this slide later.
After the community work i was really inspired and with a lot of energy But I did not know how to do.
My wish was to develop the world But how to do it and how do I gain money with it?
So I got in a powerful moment but I didn´t know how to go on.
Then I started to participate on many projects Everything people asked me, there I was.
On someone´s lecture or some Ong strategy planning Whatever...I was just participating
When peopled asked me what I was doing I didn´t know how to answer this question
I was doing a lot of things, I didn´t know who I was But I knew that was part of my own process
My parents used to ask, they could not understand what I was doing.
Was a time to experience, to search and open doors.
After a lot of work on the social field I was missing another part.
The arts and fashion.
So, after putting all my energy into the social work I missed fashion
My intention was to porpose fashion with values, reframing it.
At this point I began to create with Bengira Which is my micro revolution.
The way I found to unite my wishes contributing for the development of the world I want to live.
Bengira basically uses art for social environmental changes
It is the creation, manufacturing and commercialization of products
made from waste for community groups.
There are four pillars to work on
One is the art, awakening the creative being that everybody has
I believe all of us are creative and artist, but sometimes it is not awaken
Once we awake this creative being we can create the way we want to live
The second pillars is economy.
Aw, there is a little light in here. It´s easier, huh?!
The economy is to raise funds and fair trade for community groups
with the idea to redistribute income
The third pillar is environmental responsibility. Usind waste as raw material.
And the fourth is the cultural part rescuing traditional handcraft techniques.
One of Bengira´s pillar aims to enrich what is Brazil, brazilian traditions.
Nowadays, these four pillar constitute Bengira
There are three sectors
One is the product´s sector
I forgot the products. Just a minute.
Well, It´s only to give an example of a Bengira product.
I am going to expose some of them later on.
There are a line of handbags, purses and gifts line.
Created by me and developed by community groups from east side.
The second sector of Bengira is the training area.
I teach communities to create their own products
It is one year training that they learn to create and commercialize
Third Bengira´s sector are the services for companies
working on their trash to transform in products
So this is Bengira my micro revolution
It is more than a company It is a path to my life
The way I found to live as I want
more than a job.
I think the projects you are going to bring out
should have this power to be “something” for your life.
Here there are some tips I chose for the entrepreneurs about to come
The basic is being passionate for what you are proposing
because you are going to think and talk a lot about it.
Create your network arrange partnerships
Look for those people that are important to be with you
Have a strategic vision. It means knowing how to sell your proposal.
Don´t be afraid of selling it.
Speak a lot and ask for opinions, feedbacks accepting criticism
It´s crucial to construct your project, was for me.
Be the best of yourself. This is a bit usual to say
but do be the best make it with excellence.
We choose between being the best or a good one.
be the best, we have this potential.
Be patient and trust. Trust and it flows and it is going to work.
That´s It.
Before we finish I would like you to close your eyes again.
Let´s go.
I would like to ask you If you can realized something that has changed in yourselves.
Silence and be aware on it.
Because we have potential to change inside of us around and in our world.
It´s a matter of wishing.
Ok. Thank you very much.