[ENG] Ulzzang Shidae 6 EP 7 [1/4]

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Translated & subtitled by: michin-nom.tumblr.com
What's a segment that you really want to try?
Something like a partner relay race.
You have something on your back...
Like Running Man?
That would be really fun!
Don't you want to try it?
(And so we've prepared it!)
-Do you have a dollar and 50 cents? (Even begging?)
(Even begging?)
(Ulzzangs finding the "hot gathering place")
(Ulzzang Race...)
(Starts now!)
Pretty boys and pretty girls confirmation show!
Ulzzang Shidae!
Nice to meet you! I am Kim Taehyun!
Where have we all gathered today?
Comedy TV office!
That's right.
This is where Ulzzang Shidae is made!
Here, our staff sweat blood and spend endless nights coming up with new ideas.
Who do you think is the reason why the staff goes through so much suffering?
-Seungrok hyung... Who do you think is the reason why the staff goes through so much suffering?
-Seungrok hyung...
If you think it's solely because of Seungrok
then you're correct.
Normally we do a camp in of two days and one night
but today we're here so that you guys can all carry out a special mission!
This is the "Ulzzang Attractions race"!
A popular teen meeting place or attraction
or a "Hot place"
Ulzzang Hot place!
You will all find popular teen gathering place and have a race!
After a very scientific research
we've picked out 5 locations.
The rules for this game are very simple.
Ulzzang Hot place!
Each location will have an extraordinary mission!
Only when they complete the mission will they be able to receive a hint for the next mission!
The team to complete the mission first will be given a golden ticket!
The team with the most golden tickets will be the winners!
You will be divided into 3 teams
Last season we had a mission where you all had to find your way to us
and the teams were divided into a mess
And because the team match up wasn't so good
that team barely got any air time!
I think I know whose team that is!
There were two teams but it was almost a special episode for just one team!
How much of an intellectual you are,
how much air time you get on average.
IQ, and your ability to understand a language
will be the criterias in which we will decide what teams you'll be in.
The first team will have
Park Taejun!
Yun Ara!
If you just look at Taejun and Ara
you are guaranteed a certain amount of entertainment and air time.
And so we will add a burden to your team.
Oh Seung Rok!
Why us?!
Since we are a bit old..
we should definitely consider our age..
Don't tie me in with you!
Don't talk about stuff like that!
The average age is high!
You think the average age is going to be high?
So we've also added Haneul to your team!
The next team will have
Hong Youngi!
Kim Dohee!
Yang Gyubin!
Right now, the team is just normal.
So we've decided to add on a member that will dramatically decrease the average IQ of the team.
Who is it?
Park Hyungseok!
Hyungseok must be happy!
He's on the same team as Dohee!
You get to complete missions with Dohee now
I am happy!
What should I do~
He really likes her!
Are you satisfied with your members?
I feel like
I'm going to have to be the one that feeds and keep these guys alive.
I feel that my mouth is going to be very tired today.
How do you feel about this, Gyubin?
I trust only Youngi.
If I stick to Younggae..
(T/N: Yonggae means "pullet" or "young chicken". The word sounds similar to Youngi I guess..)
If you stick next to Younggae?
He still didn't fix his old habit!
You used to steal your friend's girlfriend!
And now you're going to stick next to Younggae?
Yes.. question me all you want.
The camera will focus on us..
So you'll get a lot of air time.
Next is
and Han Areum Songi.
You three.
-Do you want to be in it? You three.
-Do you want to be in it?
Why do you think your team has you three?
We're the aces!
You gathered all the waste!
Waste? That's very harsh!
Waste is so harsh...
Because us two are dumb
you put in a smart person with us.
Well, I don't think he's that smart either.
So with these 3 teams you guys will participate in a race.
For transportation you guys can take either the bus
or the subway.
But in order to do that you need money right?
Of course!
And so we will start the "Earning allowance" game!
The first place team
will get $100
and a car!
But you're not really giving it to us!
(Are you trying not to make sense?)
You can turn the heater on too!
And you can also look up where you need to go with the GPS
while listening to music!
Wouldn't that be a relaxing trip?
Is there something for 2nd place?
2nd place
will get $50.
That's not bad!
$50 and..?
Just $50.
Why do you keep asking for more? Did you invest or something?
The 3rd place team
will get $30.
Wow, that's only good for public transportation..
If you don't like it, you can simply walk.
From here?
From here..?
You can walk.
It's game over when someone happens to die from walking!
That team will be automatically eliminated!
It'll be game over and automatic elimination.
So we're going to start the game now.
And the game is...
a round of Dibidibidip with me. (T/N: Not dibidibidis... haha)
The team that lasts the longest will be the 1st place winners!
Following that will come the 2nd and 3rd place teams.
The last team only has 3 members right?
So for them, the person most confident in the game can go twice.
I'm totally good at this!
Seems fair enough. I'm totally good at this!
Seems fair enough.
Let's start with Taejun's team.
Go Ara!
Ara hwaiting!
Ready... go!
(One hit K.O!)
Hurry up! You're wasting time!
Wait! Wait!
I can't remember the gestures!
You have to last long to win right?
(Haneul tries to buy time)
What can I do to buy some time...
Get ready!
Ready... go!
Next one! Hurry up!
Why do you keep being so weird! (?) (Taejun purposely tries to drag on time)
Why do you keep being so weird! (?)
Come here!
Come here you bastard!
He needs a beating!
So weak!
You guys suck at this!
36 seconds!
Next is Hyukmin's team!
Who's going to go twice?
Oh. You..?
Alright then, the first and the last!
One shot! One shot!
Lose! Lose!
Because Hyukmin arrived the latest today Lose! Lose!
Because Hyukmin arrived the latest today
(What kind of gesture is that?)
(Jaeyeol lasted the longest)
(Anyways.. out)
18 seconds!
This should be easy!
One shot! One shot!
(A distraction?)
(A sudden dance battle?)
(Results in an odd gesture)
They lost! They totally lost!
Why do you think you came in last place?
We actually lasted the longest but you talked too fast!
You were going to come in last anyways.
(First place team gets $100 and a car)
Here you go! $50!
There's only 3 of you right?
$10 per person is more than enough!
Why don't you just take the $10 and give up on the mission?
(There's such a method..?)
You could go buy a hot meal with this.
Want to go to the sauna?
The sauna?
How do you feel about a good beating?
A really HOT one.
So now that you've all received your allowances
I will give you a hint about the first mission location.
But before that! There is something I need to tell you all.
As soon as the race starts, each team has to choose a team leader.
During the race, if you can "eliminate" the team leader of the other team
then you will be allowed to steal their card!
Their golden card.
So if you eliminate someone early and they don't have a card, then you don't get a card?
Well, yes.
What card?
It's something..
However, if you eliminate someone who is not the team leader
then there will be severe punishment by law.
Prosecution. Police.
But there's no severe punishment by law if you eliminate the team leader?
No, there it not.
Because you've succeeded in your mission!
You will find out about the punishments later!
The team leader
must have this on.
You think it looks cool?
You must not tell the others who the team leader is!
Oh so it needs to be a secret!
Of course! Oh so it needs to be a secret!
Of course!
So can we hide it in our clothes too?
That's fine.
So it's got to be someone completely unexpected..
Here is the hint about the first "Hot place"!
I will give you an initial hint!
It is this!
(T/N: H. D. N. L. B)
Ha, Da, Na, La, Ba? (T/N: H. D. N. L. B)
Ha, Da, Na, La, Ba?
If we know can we go right away?
Excuse me?
Can we go first?
You're the oldest here, don't get too excited.
Another hint is that a lot of people come here very often.
Especially younger people.
Noraebang? (T/N: Karaoke)
You're right!
Hyundae Noraebang?
Hyundae Noraebang?
Is there such a place?
Alright, go.
Can we go now?
Go find Hyundae Noraebang.
If you start knocking on the doors at this hour...
There's probably 7200 of them nationwide
You have to find all of them!
Everywhere that has a sign that reads "Hyundae Noraebang"
You get the idea by now don't you?
I think I might know..
Many college students are there.
I think I know what it is!
What's the point of guessing? You should get started.
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
Team Youngi hwaiting!
The car! The car!
Hurry! Break the car!
(That's not Taejun's car by the way...)
(Takes the big road first)
We have to win!
(Areum Songi actually wants to win..!)
Cross the bridge!
You can't go!
So cold!
How much would a taxi cost to get to Hongdae?
(Don't know)
I don't know... (Don't know)
(Don't know)
Think carefully! We only have $30!
Is Hongdae close from here?
I don't really know how far Hongdae is from here!
The directors need to get on too..
If we add the directors we need to take at least 2 rides.
That's like $60! ASDFGHJK!
That's ridiculous!
Adults are more expensive!
(You guys are adults too....)
Even the subway?
Aren't adults more expensive at the subways too?
We can go as children!
You want to get children's tickets?
Only you can pass as a child!
(It's possible if it's Youngi)
Wait I have something to say.
What is it?
I don't have a cell phone right now.
If by any chance I get lost I'm really screwed.
You don't have money either!
I'll become a missing child!
I'm so envious of Taejun oppa's team!
They're probably so warm right now!
You won't get away with this!
The car isn't mine!
Oppa something is blinking over there..
(Taejun bubble: How do you do this?)
That's the wiper! (Windshield)
Oppa do you really know how to drive?
Why did you turn on the AC?
Hyung the wipers!
(I have a bad feeling about this...)
This is driving me crazy!
Oppa! There's so much space here! It's nice!
Let's go!
Oppa's the best driver~!
(Don't believe you)
(Will they get to the destination safely..?)
Where did our $30 go?
I don't have it.
-Money. I don't have it.
(Emergency situation: Team Hyukmin's money disappeared)
Look for it. Who did you give it to? (Emergency situation: Team Hyukmin's money disappeared)
Look for it. Who did you give it to?
I'm going to sell you if you don't have it!
Oh it's right here.
(Will you even be able to find your wary around...)
Do you know where we can get on the bus?
We need to find the bus stop.
Where is it?
But we can win this!
I was the one that suggested Running Man!