Interview with Egor Markeloff before OSPL Spring 2011

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Mar 31, 2011

- Hi everyone! We are interviewing Yegor Markelov here at Na`Vi's base.
Hi Markeloff. How are you doing?
- Hi. I'm superb, the weather is cool, I feel great.
- What are you doing in Kiev when you have some spare time?
- If I have some spare time...
I like to hang out with friend when I'm not playing CS,
enjoying myself likevisiting bars, cafe,
cinema, playing bowling, billards...
- Have you got enough time for these activities?
- Sure!
- What film was the last you watched?
Would you advice something decent for interview viewers?
- I watched "Battle: Los-Angeles" but I would not advice it :)
- People are talking about last round of Intel Challenge...
What did you feel after winning 1v3 clutch situation, how did the round go?
- We were leading 15:14 in that round, giving up few players in our's favour.
Our opponents had a poor buy. I don't know why,
but it took into my head that
B-plant was clear and I shouted that information as loud as I could.
We blindly rushed there together with starix and the bomb.
Meanwhile our last player was eliminated on A-plant
and another opponent emerged on banana, killing Sergey.
I scored him but felt immediately so guilty that
I just said to myself: "If I'm not winning, it's all over". That's
why I did everything I could in that situation.
I run behind the box and was sure
that noone would find me there - players rarely check that position in 1v3 situation,
they would rather try to do a kill from the bombsite.
I was lucky that Neo didn't notice me with his bunnyhop-jumping.
I gave him a headshot and heard his second teammate trampling nearby.
I strafed and when I didn't see him, I realized that he either fell or was behind the wall.
I shot three bullets there and was lucky to make another headshot.
Luck was on my side with the remaining player who had red hit points.
I hesitatingly walked and sprayed him:
I guess he was shocked how suddenly I emerged and that's
why I was able to kill him.
I am very happy with my game and the victory I brought for the team.
- What do you think about FX losing few last tournaments to you?
Don't you think they can become the so-called mTw #2 who cannot beat you?
- We have a tradition with mTw, we started our way to victory by winning this team.
It all started from that epic comeback on de_train at IEM4 European Championship.
It is different story about FX, we are treating them as a top skilled team.
Except the last year, FX have always been placing in the tournaments' top,
including their victory at e-Stars Seoul.
They are improving their game and are among top3 best teams in the world, literally.
- Should you be creating the world allstars team...
Whom would you invite including yourself? Maybe Neo, f0rest?
- Hmmm... I don't know. It's hard to say.
Actually the best team in the world is probably our Na`Vi.
We don't need other players, it's ideally balanced and f0rest or
someone else wouldn't fit the lineup.
Playing for this team I don't want to change anything.
- You are going to attend OSPL in Kazakhstan.
There won't be any serious opponents for you,
but tell us what are your tournament expectations?
I've heard that K23 will be playing there in their classic lineup.
What do you think about that?
- Yeah, K23 will play there as well as few teams from Uzbekistan.
I guess we will have the most troubles with these teams.
I saw Uzbeks play on ASUS in Ukraine and they showed excellent aim
and a strong motivation for victories.
They can play well, they just lack experience.
 23 has always been able to impress, especially AdreN.
When he finds his game, he crushes everyone.
I don't think it will be a walk in the park for us,
but we'll do our best to win the tournament.
- Thank you for the interview, good luck!