How To Shoot Penalty Kicks - Tips For Great PK's

Uploaded by EpicSoccerTraining on 09.06.2012

Hey, guys. Matt here from Epic Soccer Training. I want to take you through a video that's
specifically how to shoot penalty kicks.
OK, guys. I get asked this question quite often. What's the best penalty kick to shoot?
Pretty much finish the ball in the goal. That's obviously the ultimate goal. It's a no-brainer
there but I want to teach you maybe some cool tricks that you can do to kind of help that
For penalty kicks, it's 12 yards out. You really shouldn't miss these. I think maybe
in my career of taking a couple of hundred, I've missed like two that hit the post. When
you see the little dot here, you can basically place the ball as far up on the dot as possible.
If it's too far, the ref will just tell you to move it back.
So again, go up and then what you want to do is for me personally, I'm more along the
placing the ball with little power and like you might have seen in one of my other videos
where I put the little shirts here to help bend the ball, curve the ball. It's just about
placement but you don't just want to place it with no power. You obviously want to have
power on it because that's going to be easier. So I just take a simple approach. Place your
foot a nice foot away from the ball and then that's awesome. My ball is flying away.
So then drive through. Again I like maybe putting a little bit of air on it because
if the goalie is diving out, it's harder for him to go in the air all the way to the post
as it is to go and then dive down and slide on the ground. So hopefully this thing won't
move here too much. All right. If Chas is in goal, what you want to do is just come
through and just follow through good.
See that's going to have a good pace on it. It's going to be very hard for a goalie to
stop too. Again, I usually like aiming at the little back triangle parts of the goal.
That's going to be a pretty safe bet because you don't want to hook it outside. That's
just pointless and again, another cool trick that you can do is basically when you're taking
a penalty kick, you can slow down and speed up. You just can't fully stop. So if you're
going to kick a penalty kick and you stop and then go, you're going to get called for
that but you can actually slow up and try and make the defender kind of go one way or
So if Chas was actually going to be a goalie who was going to dive back or forth and I'm
taking this quick approach and then I slow down, if he jumps one way, I'm going to go
the opposite way. That's simple. So let me see this one.
So again, when you're taking a penalty kick and let's see if he knows this one. So I like
to set up. I'm just messing with you. So, yeah, set up and really just take aim. Take
where you want to go. I take a safe route but kick it very, very hard. Get good contact
on it. That's the biggest thing is people either try and blast the ball and it just
goes completely over. They lean back and they sky it like Baggio in the World Cup or they're
not given enough pace at the right angle and really think about it. All you're trying to
do is just get it around the goalie's reach. So those are a couple of little things you
can do. I like doing a stutter step a lot of times because a lot of times, the goalie
will jump early.
So if I'm coming up and then take a couple of stutter steps and then pass it in the goal
with some pace, that's the way to go. So again, those are just some of the basics of how to
shoot penalty kicks and how to take those PKs and I wish you the best of luck. Again,
one of the drills I like to do is set up these towels or shirts and kind of start working
their way out.
So if you make it here and make it there, then bring it out a couple of feet and kind
of start working on driving the ball into the corner. That's one thing that really helped
me out and it helped me to get a lot of accuracy. So you want to be the one that's taking those
penalty kicks and one that's taking those free kicks and that's one of the best drills
I know to be able to do that.
So again, don't forget to subscribe at the top and like and comment. Let me know what
you think, whose PKs you like. I know there are a lot of people in the English Premier
League that do a great job of doing some penalty kicks. They do that trick one that just goes
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