Elias - PART 10 (English subtitles)

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That's a nice jacket for you!
Yes, and way too expensive.
Now that the thing with Joonatan didn't work out, you need a new guy.
And nothing helps your self-esteem like new clothes.
What are you doing here?
Shouldn't you be hiking?
It got cancelled.
We were just leaving when we found Isabella wandering down the street.
Has she returned home from the hospital?
She had ran away.
Well, the forest is going nowhere. You can go another time.
Let's hope so. Good night.
See you tomorrow. And my that jacket. It's super sexy.
It's good that you came. I have something to show you.
I need a new jacket.
Is 50 euros enough?
50 euros! You can get few buttons with it!
300 euros? C'mon!
It's 50 % off.
Right. It's totally overpriced.
Well, those clother are not cheap stuff from China you can buy from market. It's a quality jacket.
Can't you just go with a normal jacket?
No! I don't wanna be normal.
Of course you don't.
Elias, wait.
I see you have also found that site.
Yes, Ida showed it to me.
Do you order stuff from it, too?
Yes. Whenever I can afford it. You can't find clothes like that in Finlad.
I wish other people would realize it, too.
Who doesn't realize it then?
Dad, of course.
He just keeps complaining how expensive it is.
Even though, it's actually something else that's bugging him.
Is it okey if I asked what that might be?
He can't handle the fact I'm gay.
And so apparently can you neither.
Of course I can!
I think sexual orientation is everyone's own business.
There was some eye candy you there.
Yes and for you, too.
Would you be fine if your own son was gay?
Of course.
I'd love him just as much.
I wish dad would think like that, too.
I'm sure he is.
You just have to give Sebastian some time to deal with it.
Did you and your dad make up?
Not yet. I was planing on giving him a little time like you suggested.
Wait up! I have a proposal that might interest you.
It's about those brand clothes you were dreaming about.
Are you serious?
If you're just fine with it.
That's totally awesome. Thanks!
You can be strict, but you have to try to understand him.
I'm trying to understand.
He's just so different from me when I was at his age.
What's Cindy thinking about all of it?
It seems they're doing just great. I saw them talking like best friends.
Do you think Cindy would've finally told Elias she's his mother?
That's possible.
Just try to make up with Elias. It's so sad that no one in this family is talking to each other.
Do you still wanna do this?
Of course I am. Thank you for helping me.
I'm glad to help. And remember, you can always come to me, no matter what.
OJ is a lucky boy.
My mum is rather with his homophobic husband than with me.
And I don't even know my biological mother.
I'm sure they both love you very much.
Then why do I feel like they've abandoned me?
You can ask your friend to call and I can book her the same treatment than you had.
Okey! Thank you very much. Bye bye.
Am I disturbing you?
I had no idea you and Elias are such close friends.
I saw you talking.
I was just listening his worries.
Was he talking about me?
Look, I have a client coming so --
It feels like all that I say to him comes out wrong.
Could you maybe help me a little?
I don't wanna meddle.
You are already kind of meddling, since you're his mother.
What did you say?