Cooking Tips : How to Remove Skin from Fish Fillets

Uploaded by cookingguide on 27.10.2008

To skin your fish first start off with a nice fillet. You're going to lay it with the skin
side down on your cutting board. You want to make sure that you have a nice fillet knife
that's nice and flexible and that it's nice and sharp blade. Next start with the tail
end of the fish and make a diagonal cut through the fish but you want to make sure that you
don't cut through the skin. You're going to want to do this at about a 45 degree angle.
Once you reach the skin go ahead and go parallel to the cutting board and hold on to the skin
with your other hand. From here you're just going to run your knife across the fish. If
you have a little extra that's okay, just take your knife and you can just cut it right
on off. That is how you remove the skin from fish.