Cadillac V-Series Performance Academy at Monticello Race Track - Recap

Uploaded by cadillac on 22.10.2010

[Don Butler - Vice President, Marketing]
Hi everyone, my name is Don Butler. I am the Vice President of Marketing for Cadillac
and we are here at the Monticello Motor Club. It's the Cadillac V-Series Performance Driving
Academy. We’ve got the opportunity to introduce the
customers to the brand new CTS Coupe and the CTS-V Coupe.
Today when you pull into Monticello Motor Club
You will see a lot of Cadillac Signage all over the place
That is because our partner is here today Showing their Cadillac CTS-V coupe and how
it performs on 4-miles of asphalt here at Monticello
[John Heinricy - Cadillac Engineer, Racecar Driver]
Monticello has really a lot of good Character in it
It really reminds me quite a bit of Nürburgring one of the things its very fast straight away
one and half miles long on the straight away so its very fast and there is a lot of elevation
change here so a Lot of ups and downs with wide turns
The chassis on the CTS-V is really well composed especially with magnetic ride control so it
really helps control the car well in the these windy places and
The and over the top of hills where the chassis gets light and that kind of thing
So it really helps to controls it well and I think the consumers when they get in the
car and drive it here are really going to be surprised and pleased with
How well this car handles the track
[Steve Haener - National Advertising and Promotions Manager]
The Cadillac V-Series Performance Labs is exclusive invitation only event
Where our guests get to experience the best Cadillac has to offer in the classroom and
more importantly on the track.
With a 556 horsepower engine and 0-60 time of 3.9 seconds
[Don Butler - Vice President, Marketing] There are learning modules where we teach
customers how the vehicle has been designed from a suspension standpoint, from a powertrain
standpoint, technology Like Stabilitrak, and ABS and traction control,
they learn about these technologies and capabilities of the vehicle.
Consumers then get to get behind the wheel with in-car camera so they can capture that
experience and share it with their friends.
It's a phenomenal car, just the way it umm, the way it accelerates at the corners, braking
on the car, stops on a dime. Just an incredibly fast car.
All the acceleration, just you know on demand, you hit the accelerator its there, and the
braking is something else too!
Ah the brakes were awesome and the acceleration out of the corners was top notch!
The handling, I have driven a NASCAR racecar before, and its almost feels very similar
driving to its very tight, acceleration is pretty awesome!
This thing is the torque and power from beginning to end is there, stability is absolutely amazing,
seats are great, I love the, you know, the whole interior. Blows your mind thinking it
is a luxury car, but it’s got the engine that you want, so it’s got everything you
could possibly dream of!
Everything is attractive, even the price!
Cadillac, off the charts.
Car is awesome; it goes and stops twice as fast!
Performs great, I don't know if the wife will understand I had to get one though!
[Don Butler - Vice President, Marketing]
You know when we introduced the V-Sedan, about 18 months ago, just a little more then 18
months ago, you might be surprised to know that we have actually out
sold the BMW M5, you also may be surprised to know that we have out sold the Mercedes
Benz E63 AMG, but you might be shocked to know that the V-Sedan out
Sold those two vehicles combined.
I have driven many sports cars before, have a current sports car, and this thing handles
just as good as my Corvette does.
Look, we own a Cadillac now, we've had a Porsche and Mercedes, and this is probably the best
we have ever had. My husband loves the car, can't get him out of it.
I was here a year ago for Jaguar, which was nice to drive their cars, but this was 10x
We like European cars, we like Audis, we like BMWs, this is definitely a comparison.
Yeah, fit and finish and performance, and that is the big thing, the performance element.
It certainly can out do the German Cars.
You know I can tell that we've changed some minds in terms of what people think about
Cadillac I can tell by the smiles on faces when they
get out of the vehicle, it is a fantastic experience for our customers to come and experience
a race track like This, and really understand the vehicle dynamics
and what goes into great handling and great performance.
I am going to get together tonight and it’s going to be hard to not talk too much about
this day.
But after doing this, I would recommend a Cadillac.
Yeah, definitely after this exercise, you build a lot more respect for the car.
No Cadillac’s in the past, ah but I think this definitely will be my first Cadillac.
Yeah, before you buy a Cadillac, you think of an old person driving along the road, nice
and smooth, soft, but with this car, the sky is the limit