TL;DR - Modesty in Korean Fashion

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[music] I love Alex N Degus asks,
"I'm slightly confused about KOrea's idea of modesty.
I always hear that you can't wear mini skirts,
or show abs or shoulders,
but you see kpop idols showing those looks all the time...
care to explain this?"
So right off the bat let's refute the mini-skirt idea
because good-googely-goo does Korea like its mini-skirts.
And not just mini-skirts on their own,
we're talking about a dress that is a mini-dress.
I've never seen anything so mini-before in my life,
like in Canada or the States, Korea is really good at mini-skirts.
No matter what time of year it is too, that's what's amazing.
It's like, year round mini-skirts. I don't understand.
In the wintertime you'll see really frail girls,
with really thing legs wearing mini-skirts outside in the winter.
How are they not freezing? I can't even wear mini-skirts in the wintertime.
It's cold man, your legs are freezing!
It doesn't seem like Korean people ever feel the weather,
they don't sweat in the summer, they don't feel cold in the winter,
I have no idea how they do it. Maybe they just don't show it on the surface,
but for us, I'm sweating really really hard right now,
and in the winter, I'm freezing my chodum off.
They should change their slogan *starts laughing* OH NO!
SIMON!!! Can't say chodum? *sigh* Sorry.
Now the idea about modesty and covering up your shoulders is actually true.
So when I first came to Korea I didn't think about it,
so I just wore my normal tank tops out.
And then I noticed that everyone wore these little shurgs,
I'm going to show you guys, they're like these little tiny
shoulder shrugs--is this show-and-tell time? IT IS!
And you put it on and it just covers this partial area here.
And I have a gazillion of these of all the colours of the rainbow.
However, I did that for a bout a year and a half,
and then I realized, OH hey, Korean women don't sweat or smell bad,
so their shrugs are all nice and in beautiful condition,
but mine are getting all sweaty and crotchety in the armpit zone
because it's like, 40 degrees (celcious) outside!
Armpit crotch? It's like a crotch, but your armpit...guys?
My third year in Korea, I'm kindof over the whole shoulder modesty thing,
my armpits should be free, FREE! FREE FOR THE AIR!
FREE FOR EVERYONE TO SMELL!...I got carried away...
I like how you're telling youtube that we smell like crap.
Yay. We don't smell as bad as we make ourselves out to be. No.
I never smelt bad in Canada--until I came to Korea. I know.
Thanks Korea for making us feel like crap. *SOBS*
*Martina sniffs Simon* *Simon sniffs Martina* I still love you.
So I asked my students a similar question because
the idols will wear low cut shirts, and off the shoulder stuff,
but my students and other Korean women won't dress that way.
So they told me, Korean idols can do that because it's kindof like a uniform
So we were thinking--like a Halloween costume you could say--
yeah--in North America whenever it's Halloween,
girls tend to be the skankier version of things.
Like, here's a skanky nurse, here's a skanky doctor,
here's a skanky teacher, here's a skanky Abe Lincoln.
Yeah and it seems to be acceptable--"acceptable" at Halloween,
you're like, "I'm a bunny! Hehehehe" I'm like, "that's a bikini."
Uh huh. Anyways, I kindof think of it the same way,
it's kindof like Halloween on stage in Korea--
except not nearly as skanky as North American halloween.
However, that being said there are still things that get banned on Tv,
for example, if a girl shows too much of her stomach
or if they do something seductive--like hump the ground--
Um...well..yes...NEGA MOLA--*laughs* 4minute...
she humps the ground in the video...make the sex to the floor!
Anyways! Moving along. There have been cases where shows were too sexy
and they were taken off TV. So that does happen.
But going out of the idol-sphere and back to the normal Korea-spehre,
sexines is a little bit different in Korea than it is in North America.
So for example, we talked about already showing the shoulders,
but a big one is actually showing your back.
So if you have a really low V cut back shirt, and you're showing back skin,
that's supposed to be, like, really sexy. Back skin is sexy.
Yeah, so halter tops, I've actually never seen a halter top in Korea.
I don't even know what a halter top is. Really? Education time!
That's when you have a string that ties up around your neck,
and then it goes underneath and then your back is
You mean an apron. apron...OH! Who was wearing it? AYYY GIRL?!
AYYY GIRL!!! That's right! Was it Junsu? Scandal! So sexy! That's..
that's a...that's a halter top! *BOOING IN THE BACKGROUND*
Oh course it's not a halter top. No, of course. It's a...MAN APRON!!!
*More booing* It's a---it's not a man apron. It's a mapron. It's a...
sexy tank top. *Cheering begins at the good answer* yes it is.
Yeah, kpop idols don't wear their stage costumes off stage.
Like in TVXQ's "keep your head down",
I don't really see Korean guys walking around with like,
owl/sofa/couch/print suits on.
So just a quick re-cap, sexy lower torso: acceptable.

Sexy upper torso: unacceptable.
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