Christina Grimmie - POWER UP - LEVEL 6 - presented by Disney

Uploaded by disneysgames on 08.05.2012

CHRISTINA: Go left! Leave the room! [realizes what she’s doing, looks at the controller]
What am I doing? I can’t control people with this thing! This is why movies are terrible.
Power Up credits and theme song
CHRISTINA: Hey guys, this is Power Up. Today we're talking about all the things in gaming
that get your blood racing. The first item on the menu is our Hidden Gem Game of the
Week, and this week's game is Plants Versus Zombies.
CHRISTINA (V.O.): Plants Vs. Zombies is a tower defense game, which is just a fancy
way of saying that zombies are coming for you, and your only defense is plants. You
have to catch some sunshine in order to make more plants, and let me tell you, you want
to make more plants. There are co-op and versus modes, but the game is best when it's you
and your plants taking on tons of zombies.
CHRISTINA: I had so much fun playing, I--
NEWSCASTER CHRISTINA: We interrupt your regularly scheduled Power Up with breaking news that
zombies from Plants Versus Zombies are on the loose. We are urging people to stay calm
and stay inside their homes.
NEWSCASTER CHRISTINA (V.O.): The Plants Versus Zombies zombies are -slow -lumbering, and
-fall apart easily, but -there are hundreds of them.
noise. We suggest stocking up on plants now if you can. Now back to your regularly scheduled
CHRISTINA: Yow, I’m going to buy some seeds today... where do you even buy plant seeds?
Hey, I just heard about this new game that’s supposed to really get your heart pounding.
IN-GAME CHRISTINA: I don’t understand, is this the game? It seems fine. Ok, I get it,
there’s a monster! Is there any other level to this game? [runs off screen right, returns
on the left] Maybe an easier setting? This is a terrible game.
ZOMBIE CHRISTINA: Alright, this level of Power Up is now complete, and lucky you, you get
high scores for being prepared for zombie attacks. Earn extra Power Up achievements
by subscribing and telling me what your preferred method of fighting zombies would be. I would
use a boomerang. But you know what they say- if you can’t beat em, you join em! BRAINS!