Crackòvia: Game against Osasuna (8-0) [English Subs]

Uploaded by totalBarca on 13.10.2011

[Basement at Camp Nou]
We won't win any title, that's it!
because I've already won the title I wanted
Right medal? [Gold Medal from the Parliament of Catalonia]
We should not waste our precious time for press conferences
What do they want now?
They've draw two games
Can we enter? We passing, please (*Cesc speaks Catalan-English mix in Crackovia) ?
Wait a moment!
What... What happened here? What a mess!
I... I... I'm just looking for a phone book
I can't find it, I don't remember where I put it
It's here Mister
Oh, yes, thanks Puyi, I don't know why I didn't see it ealier, I don't get it.
Mister, are you ok?
Are you sure? Aren't you angry with us?
No, no, c'mon? Angry with you? Of course not
I've never criticized you, never.
And you know that I'm hungry for titles right?
For five years I haven't won anything
No, no, Cesc, I only wanted to say that it's not possible to play well after eating 35 canelones (type of pasta)
Sure, because you're still hungry
So, you're not angry?
No, no, no, I'm not angry at all.
I'm very-very super calm
I'm calm, yes, very, very
Monica, can't we wait with this El Convidat (tv show aired right after Crackovia on tv3)?
Ah, I see, it starts today and Quim Monzo (Catalan writer) will be host.
Yes... I see... ok.
may the stars caress me (paraphrase of Lluis Llach's song Laura)
What's up Mister?
She said no, we can't have longer episode tonight
So how we will show our 8 goals?
there is only one solution Messi, we need to show it at high speed
Jolin! [euphemism for joder- f*ck, just like in English we say shoe or sugar instead of shit]
if you like I can say what we use to say when someone pisses us off in Badia [hometown of Segrio]
no, no, no
No, no, you don't have to say anything
C'mon boys, we don't have much time. Ziga-zaga, ziga-zaga, let's do it!
[half time]
good, Mister, after such victory, or as we say in Badia - rape- you can't be angry, huh?
Well, I wasn't angry, I'm very, very calm
Before and also, also after the game
and now, excuse me, I have to go to my basement. See ya!
So, now, where is the crisis, eh? Where?
Take that! Eight goals! Take that!
And Madrid will lose tomorrow!
F*ck you Mou! F*ck you!
Who is the best? Who is the best?
Medal, medal, my own little medal
Come here my sweet say it, who is the best?
Who? I am. the choosen one
boy, we understand each other so well almost without looking at each other
M:it seems like you know my thoughts C:know my thoughts
hey! what a coincidence!
How this happens? It's impossible!
[random ;)] I blame Shekhu for this
tirititraun traun traun
Enough, you scare me! Get out of my mind!
Haha, you fell for a joke!
That was good Cesc. But how you did this?
It's very easy, I took a script and learned it
Great joke Cesc
How to get to the doctor?
Go to Diagonal, turn right, than turn into second street on the left, enter the gate,
See you Alexis
now, this is what I call a good joke [due to wrong direcions given by Cesc in the next gag Alexis instead of the doctor meets Nunez]
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