Runaway - Ep: 13

Uploaded by TheLydiaBennet on 30.10.2012

Lydia: My first day in L.A. has been SO much fun.
Jane's actually not working today, so we've been sight-seeing around the city. It has been awesome!!!
I think tonight we're actually - Oh, hi! C'mere!
Jane: Guess who I was just on the phone with?
Lydia: Someone who wants to help you pay off back taxes and get out of debt?
Jane: No, it was Mom. She didn't know where you were.
She wants you to come home.
You can't just leave town like that without telling anybody.
Lydia: But I missed you! Please, don't be mad at me too.
Jane: No, I'm not mad. And neither is Mom, she's just worried.
She said you've been skipping classes again?
Lydia: Yeah, she seemed pretty worried when she told me how selfish and irresponsible I was being
and how I should be more like you and Lizzie. Nothing new there.
Jane: No, she didn't mean that. We just don't understand what happened.
You were doing so well and with Mary helping you with school, and...
Lydia: I know...
Jane: She said that you might be skipping for a boy.
Are you skipping classes to hang out with a boy?
Lydia: I would never do that, I can't stand that jerk.
Jane: Who?
Lydia: Brent
Jane: Brent... didn't you date him in ninth or eighth grade?
Lydia: Yes, and he just transferred into one of my classes and he's just been bugging me
and I have not been skipping classes to hook up with him and I told Mom that, but she won't listen.
Jane: But you are skipping classes because of him?
Lydia: Jane, you're making my vlog totally dramatic, the viewers don't want that!
Jane: I don't care what the viewers want, I care about my baby sister. Turn it off.
[End music] Da-na-na-na na na, na-na-na-na na na, yeah!