101 Ways a Minifigure Can Be Annoying #68 - No Longer Being Sold in Stores

Uploaded by AlNickelsFilms on 21.04.2010

Hey, I like your helmet.
Thanks, I like your shoulder...things.
I've got like 10 of them back at home. I'm just not wearing them today.
Hey, check it out!
Hey, I love your mask! I've gotta get me one of those.
Good luck with that.
Wow, and check out that cape...cool! I definitely want one of those.
Hey buddy, where can I get a cape like that?
You can't.
What do you mean I can't? But I want one!
Can't get one.
Can't get one? But it's cool and I want one!
Too bad.
Too bad? Just tell me where I can get one, alright?
They don't make them anymore. I'm rare, one of a kind! A collectible!
You're outta luck, pal!
That guy was really annoying!