Felicia Plays with Toilet Paper and Etc.

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Jun 11, 2012

FELICIA DAY: Hey, everybody.
It's Flog time.
I'm Felicia Day, and this is my show.
Are you going to VidCon?
I am, for suresies.
I am doing a Geek and Sundry panel.
I am doing a personal meet-up where I take
pictures and sign things.
And, best of all, we're having a vaginal fantasy meet-up, and
all the girls are going to be there.
We're going to be drinking wine at 2:00 PM.
Hoo yah!
Come over.
Say hi if you're there.
For this segment this week, we are doing a music video.
Here's a one-second preview.
But first, Fave Five and stuff.
Five invisible Fave Five waaaaaall.

Number one is a service called Get [BLEEP].
It takes your tweets and prints them on toilet paper.
Who thought of this?
A maniac.
Who knows?
It's important.
Here's me thanking somebody for watching my show.
Later I'm going to wipe my butt with that.
The thing is, when you order them you get four rolls, and I
only need one for girl reasons.
So what I'm going to do is I'm going to give three of them
away to people who tweet the funniest reasons why they need
them to @geekandsundry.
Deadline is the end of this week.
Guys, I cannot wait to see why you need them.
Oh, look.
Here I tell @nathanfillion I love him.
I'll only use that for number one.
Wait, what?
Number two comes from my brother, Ryan, who is going to
be back in a few weeks to game with me.
Incredibox is a cool browser game where you can make
beatbox song.
You just take the little symbols and you drag them onto
the dudes and you are jamming.
It's fun, pointless, and when you send it to your friends,
they're going to tell you, you send me the
awesomest links, man.
Next, Dungeons of Dredmor is a rogue-like game that has
steampunk elements and awesome character building.
It also has a really great sense of humor.
You visit the Goddess of Pointless Sidequests.
It's fun, simple, and it's only five bucks on Steam.
So if you're looking for a gaming
amuse-bouche, check it out.
Also check out my French lips.
French lips.
Number four comes to us from a viewer.
Christine Bernal who gets this Tumblr called Cat Scientists.
I mean, look at this thing.
It's so unnecessary, but so brilliant.
They're scientists with cat heads.
There is a Tesla tabby.
Who would have thunk?
Remember that?
Call back.
And lastly, another viewer named Mary Elizabeth Miller
linked us a song she wrote.
I wonder why I like it so much?
MARY: (SINGING) Oh, Felicia Day, Felicia Day.
Please be friends with me.
FELICIA DAY: Oh, yeah.
It's about me.
Thank you, Mary.
I don't know if the song is stalky or not, but I think
your voice is really pretty.
So (SINGING) kuuuu dooo ooos.
Get it?
Speaking of music, we went high tech this week and made a
music video.
I thought to myself, what's a song that nobody would write?
Oh, yeah.
A country gamers song.
"Gamer Girl Country Boy" was written by me and my friend,
Jason Charles Miller, no relation to
Mary Elizabeth Miller.
We went to town.
There is unnecessary cause play all over the place.
Click anywhere on the screen to take you to the actual
video, because we uploaded it as a separate piece.
So if you like it, it's very easy to share.
Please share it.
'Cause I asked you.

And to close out The Flog this week, our question of note.
OftenWally asks, if you could live anywhere, in any time
period, real or fictional, what would it be?

Dear Mr. Wally, while I romanticize medieval times and
my love of fantasy games and books, I know people had head
lice and didn't bathe and died of finger cuts, so I don't
think that's a winner.
As long as I could live in a fictional time period, I'd
live in the times of Alice in Wonderland.
Not only do I like Victoriana, but I would love to live in a
world where pawns came to life, and I could have an
affair with a Mad Hatter, and I can get small.
Anyway, I'm sure I'd like that best.
Sincerely, Felicia Day.
OK, Wally.
Your letter is on its way.
If you would like to submit a question of note, or a Fave
Five suggestion, please email theflog@geekandsundry.com OK.
I hope you liked the music video this week.
If you did, please share it.
Back to lower-budget entertainment next week.