tuff_fish vs. EmpireMaker2

Uploaded by nonecks on 15.01.2007

Okay Empire played back at me, I think he thinks I'm just fooling around.
Uh I think he's got a-
and so I'm going to go ahead and we're going to uh...

...give him about a $950 re-raise here
and see if we can't uh
dissuade from his efforts.
Now he knows we're probably going to
going to the felt with this thing.
Okay, if he's got Ace 10 he's got it, what can I say?
Arrrgh, if he got the club, I'm gonna be so pissed!
Oh you Scum!
Alrighty, we got ourselves a pair of 9s
and we're gonna need another set here
to get our money back
Okay $72,
so it's $190
I'm going to raise it to $190

cause I got a pair,
and he doesn't have odds to call unless he's got a better pair.
Oh Empire you just screwed yourself up if you, if you get in here.
Ok I'm going to raise that
to $775

If he's drawing, I don't want him to draw with the right odds. Although that wouldn't really quite err-
Okay but it's stack time, he should push all the way if he wants to play. Yep that's good.
Oh God damn, don't you dare have a damn....
Oh Boy!
All right time to uh, time to bag it.