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Uploaded by healthyvegan on 25.06.2010

Hello and welcome to Freshly Served, the healthy vegan cooking show. Iím Heather and tonight
we are going to make potato salad.
Now Iím not the hugest fun of potato salad but I know a lot of people are and as a vegan
you may be missing that wonderful gooey potato salad but there are other ways to do it and
weíre gonna make this one very delicious such that youíre not going to miss any of
that mayonnaise.
Funny story, when I was little Iíve been allergic to milk all my life and for some
reason when I was little people would always ask me if I can eat mayonnaise?
Mayonnaise is made from eggs and for some reason people thought mayonnaise ñ dairy.
I donít know maybe itís because itís white and creamy looking.
Anyway, no! Its egg which as vegans we donít eat either so Iíve got some potatoes here
that I diced up and boiled and Iíve now drained.
Occasionally they stick to the pot, thatís ok! Just get them out of there. Oh! I was
gonna do the dressing in here so Iím gonna dumped this back out. I like to do the dressing
in the bowl first because then I donít have to use two bowls but occasionally I forget,
thatís ok, dump it out and youíre good to go.
So, Dijon mustard, you donít need very much of this. It got a pretty strong flavor and
what else do we got in here. Clove of garlic and I actually got two in here because theyíre
smaller ones.
Youíre gonna press those right into the bowl. Pressing is nice because you donít get chunks
of garlic so I like to press it when Iím using it raw. I always press it when Iím
using raw.
Lemon! Lemon zest is one of my favorite things. Zester is this tool here with little holes
in it. You can pick them out really cheaply; theyíre very fun and easy to use. See the
little holes in there, very cute. Ok!
Then weíre gonna take the juice out of the lemon and all Iíll do for that is take a
strainer, put it in the bowl, take my zester and punch through the lemon and get all of
that juice out. Strainer of course catching the seeds that come out so I donít have to
worry fishing them out afterwards!
Alright! Lemon juice and zest in there. My fork doesnít really want to stay standing
in this massive bowl that I have here, letís just put this on the side.
Now itís funny, most people feel really bad about eating potato salad coz itís normally
so heavy and rich but itís so easy to make a nice light, healthy version of this dish
that I donít know why more people donít do it.
Alright! Some olive oil and Iím doing half olive oil and half flaxseed oil. Now flax
oil is the best source of omega 3 fatty acids which are critical for your bodyís functions
and so many functions that I wouldnít even take the time to list them but you need it.
And the problem with omega 3 and the reason it becomes so popular lately is that the ratio
of omega 3 to omega 6, those are the two oils are fats that you need in your diet for your
And most vegetable oils have a lot of omega 6 but no omega 3 and so what it needs to do
is increase the omega 3 side and not get so much omega 6. And ñ so flaxseed oil has a
lot of omega 3 and not really much omega 6 so good to hear for your diet.
Now a little bit of salt, this is to bring things together, the flavors as well as the
oil and the acid from the lemon juice. Black pepper I always like in pretty much anything.
And then Iím gonna add some nutritional yeast which will add a bit of the cheesy kind of
flavor to this dressing. Itís not necessary if you donít have it but it does add some
really nice flavor.
So stir that dressing around, youíll notice if you have enough salt it will become a nice
homogenous mixture. If you donít have any salt in here, the oil and the lemon juice
are gonna stay separate.
So see how this is staying as one, nice yellow liquid rather than separating in to oil and
lemon juice because of salt and if you want to make this a really creamy dressing you
can add some of the potato and blend it in here with your dressing.
Potatoes are really easy way to make a sauce creamier but Iím not gonna do that today,
I just got some cucumbers in here as well as some fresh chives and I am going to add
some sprouts.
Another optional addition, many people would also think that Iím crazy to put cucumbers
in here but I like to lighten up my potatoes.
So, you donít need to do this if you donít like to but itís always nice to get green
vegetables in when you can and putting them in potatoes often makes them a little bit
yummier. You donít notice them as much if you have people that donít enjoy them so
Ok! The last thing is some dill and I would love to have some fresh dill but unfortunately
didnít really grow in Philís garden this year. I guess the soil is too sandy or I donít
know what happened but anyway Iím using dried for now.
So, give it a toss around. I like to toss green vegetables into a dressing before I
add the potato or if Iím doing a grain salad because those starchy vegetables and grains
really absorb the dressing.
And then what happens is thereís nothing left over for the more watery vegetables.
So if you give this a toss around the cucumber itís not gonna use up any of the dressing
but itís gonna make sure that thereís a nice coating around the sprouts, around the
cucumber before you add the potatoes.
Alright! Now they go in. And Iím gonna grabbed my salad tossers, just give that a toss through
the dressing and youíll be ready to go. Take this on a picnic, have it for lunch, have
it for dinner, bring it to a potluck.
The lemon flavor is really nice and light so itís a great dish for summer and here
we go.
Alright! So there is our healthy vegan potato salad. You can find the recipe at
Iím Heather and this is Freshly Served.