Arizona Gets Hacked & Why I Love Redheads

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Hello and welcome to the Friday show
if you're not familiar my name is Philip DeFranco
and this show really isn't a show, it's just me talking about some of the stuff
that mattered in the news, but before we get started
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in the description below but let's jump into the first story
today and that is the kissing couple from
the Vancouver riots, it's been talked about
time and time again but finally as of
yesterday, a video was released of how the incident
actually happened and it is exactly like the photographer
said, as you can see in this video the police
rush, they knock down the couple, then they hover
over them in a kind of "We're going to kill you sort of way"
they leave them alone, and he's like "Baby it's okay"
and so now you know, now you know
next up in news that really doesn't matter, Ron Artest
from the LA Lakers is going to be changing his name
to Metta World Peace, why?
because he's stupid and crazy. Not sure what
exactly the split on that is
60/40 maybe? and say this
really, this isn't news, I'm sad
this was like the #4 thing on twitter this morning
like really the only reason Ron Artest is interesting
to watch is because he's kind of a good basketball player
and he's crazy so you never know when he
going to take a swing at fan like he did 2004
which was awesome, he like started a riot
so that's a thing, in news that may
mean that it is the end of an era
Cars 2 was released today and it is the
first Pixar movie to have a rotten rating
on Rotten Tomatoes, currently it has a
37%, Pixar mainly known
for making fantastic movies that has a level
of entertainment for adults and children
but apparently it sucks a lot
which makes me sad because Pixar usually makes really
solid movies, I mean almost all of them, I love the
original Cars, Up, all the
Toy Story's, even the third one which had that weird
holocaust moment, WALL-E
god there's so many, but hey Pixar just had
to find out that everything can't be a winner
and also, people can only take so
much of Larry the Cable Guy
"Well I'm going to perpetuate a stereotype"
"I don't care who you are, that's funny"

in the scariest news on the planet
if you are a 12 year old girl
Justin Bieber was attacked yesterday
he was launching a fragrence at Macy's
of course he was, and there was the usual
12 year old Justin Bieber mob
just outside waiting for him when all the sudden
a man attacks Justin Bieber
and while many news places were saying that is was
crazed fan, it turns out it was
an undercover officer who thought Justin Bieber was
in danger, was going to try and escort him back into the
building because Justin Bieber's security
wasn't doing a proper job, he grabs Justin Bieber
Justin starts swinging at the guy
his security pulls the cop of him, some people
saying they roughed him up a bit because no ones does that
to the Biebs and so
this happened:

So main point, #Pray4Justin
oh I love you twitter hashtags
of course what would a DeFranco show be without
some hacking news this week, the Arizona PD
and Border Control have now been hacked
by Lulzsec, the newest dump

the local Arizona law enforcement
this being one of the scarier moves
of the group to the government
because it didn't just involve Lulzsec just taking down the website
it was actual informationt that was not
meant for the public, main point Lulzsec
says that they will release new information
every week and this is a big because it's
much different than the original agenda
of just doing it for fun and the next few weeks
are going to be interesting, in super happy fun time Nation news
thank you to all the gingers
who sent in pictures yesterday, including this one
this one and this one, if you want to check out a gallery which we will
continue to update, check out the link below
the day is always made a little better with some fire
but guys let's move on to two of our biggest stories of the day
and that is first: Ron Paul
and Barney Frank are saying an end
an end to the Federal ban on marijuana
the legislation would decriminalize
marijuana on a federal level
"Criminally prosecuting adults for making the choice to smoke
marijuana is a waste of law enforcement resources
and an intrusion of personal freedom"
adding "I do not advocate
urging people to smoke marijuana, but in none of these
cases do I think prohibition enforce by
criminal sanctions is a good public policy" and I
agree, but first off, this
legislation has no chance to pass
no way would this pass in a Republican controlled
Congress, are you kidding? and it's not like because
all the Republicans are bad people, those are their
opinions, the majority of those guys
don't believe in that, or at least not publically
I do agree, it is a waste of resources
to lock up people who were smoking marijuana
and it boggles my mind in country where we
throw money at drug companies and
thank them for all the amazing things they
do, even with their crazy ass side effects
we have not decriminalized marijuana on a
federal level, but not have made it legal
and taxed it properly on a federal level
even though it is legal here in California
I rarely partake, but I like
the fact if I am having anxiety, sleeplessness
eventually pain, that there would be
a rather safe and organic option
"that's not organic!" shut up
and one of the biggest stories today
is that the House rejects measure to authorize
Libya mission in rebuke to Obama
in layman's terms, the House was like
"Hey you know that war that's not a war in Libya
that you let us into? we don't like that at all"
and while this congressional action has no
instant effect, the
295-123 vote
shows Obama doesn't have a lot of friends
and that even his own party is split on
his decision, of course that's not the only bill today
as a bill sponsered by Florida Republican
Tom Rooney aims to severely cut
to the NATO led mission in Libya
and essentially would require an end to direct
combat in Libya, meaing our Air Force
wouldn't bomb them anymore and we'd essentially let the French
and British would just handle it and we would refuel
people, provide supplies
and never put American lives at a severe risk
though Secretary Hilary Clinton putting a line
in the sand saying "Are you with us?
or you with them?" which kind of sounds like someone
else, kind of crazy and scary times not only
for the people in Libya but with a US Presidental
election just around the corner, but that's going to be your
question of the day today guys:
Do you think the US should still be over in Libya
as per the request of people trying to get
Gaddafi out of power or gtfo?
let me know what you think in the comments down below and in
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but guys that's it for today
as always my name is Philip DeFranco
and you've just been Phill'd in
and I will see you...