What Can the Cloud Do for You?

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[Intro Text: DoIT Geeks]
[Text: What can the cloud do for you?]
>>MICHAEL: We all have music, movies, photos
[Text: DoIT Geek Michael]
spread everywhere on different devices--
on computers, flash drives, your email--
and we all want to be able to access them
whenever and wherever we can.
That's why I'm super excited about the cloud
[Thunder bolt sound effect, Text: Because thunder
is intense!]
>>MICHAEL: Whoah! No, it's not that intimidating.
Here's how I know: You probable already use the cloud.
It's true, you are, if you use services like Dropbox
or Google Docs, you're already using cloud services.
So, in a nutshell, it means your content is hosted
elsewhere and is accessible over the Internet.
As long as you have an Internet connection,
you can access your movies, photos, music, papers
from your computer, iPad or your Smartphone.
>>MICHAEL (aside): Where's makeup?!
[Michael's face is blotted.]
>>MICHAEL: For example, if I'm working on a paper
at home, I can save it to the cloud and then pick
up right where I left off at any computer lab
on campus. I can share the paper with friends
or professors. The options are limitless.
The cloud is awesome but it's not fool-proof.
Flash drives and hard drives are still a
great way to back up your information.
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to DoIT's YouTube channel.
[TEXT: Check out this helpful comparison of cloud services - http://kb.wisc.edu/18762]
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