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Grandpa! - Come...
May I stay back?
"'ll also go with them, all l want is your happiness only."
Let's go. - We are. Come.
"Come fast, we'll be waiting foryou. - Take care dear."
Take care dear. - Come fast. - Bye aunt.
"Come fast. - Come fast, we?ll be waiting foryou."
Kill me...kill me.
l'll not kill!
"If l wantto kill you, would've done it the moment I came out ofthe grave."
"I want to enjoywildly your beauty and your pride, Bommali."
Hey Satan!
Hey I'll not leave...
Don'tworry dear.
Leave me... - I'll not leave....not leave...
Why is he angry on me?
"Why this torture? - Revenge dear, revenge."
" He was buried alive, right?"
That's why!
" I didn't do it, Jejamma did it."
Aren't you Jejamma? - Me?
Aren't you ourArundhati madam?
"Don'ttalk rubbish, Chandramm. Don't confuse me, I'm not Jejamma."
"Ifyou're not Jejamma, why is he seeking revenge on you?"
"Because you are Jejamma! - No, it's false!"
"IfJejamma had thought about destroying him,"
" then she must've known the way,"
"you're reincarnation ofJejamma, please tell us how?"
"I'm not Jejamma, why don'tyou listen to me?"
What's these fake tales around me?
Is it not true the destruction around you?- True.
Is itfalse that he challenged to ruin your life?- True.
Is it false that he came out ofgrave to torment you?'s true.
Then it's true thatyou're Jejamma!
"l believe you're reincarnated Jejamma, I swear on Allah."
That is not true. - Yes it is. - This is true...true...
Watch out!
You've kept your promise Jejamma...
You've come back...
Look Chandramma! lsn't she Jejamma?
Yes. - Jejamma!
"This sword style is Jejamma's, who else's?"
" Yes, the same royal demeanor."
"I feel like seeing madam, I feel like seeing Jejamma."
Think...go back to past and think.
Forget the present.
Go into the darkness of nature that defines life and death.
Provoke Jejamma in you.
Go into the past and think. Go...think...
l feel like seeing myself.
Find a lead...think...
I feel like he's saying something.
This is a self portrait by Jejamma.
"Ifyou read this, it means he has come out."
I don't know ifyou know this or not but I know.
That l'm reading this.
This is a diary I wrote to rememberwhat had happened.
"Once when he dies and becomes an evil soul,"
"as he promised to torture me, he did exactly like that."
l'll not leave you.
A strange disease spread from the grave.
Your subjects will get affected by contagious diseases.
Even airgot polluted.
His curse afflicted my people and ruined their happiness.
My prosperous kingdom turned into a hell with his curse.
Not a drop ofwaterto drink also.
" I asked him, I made a plea,"
fearing him nobody dared to step into Gadwal.
The disease turned men to go mad and kill each other.
"I couldn'ttake it any more, I couldn'ttolerate it."
I left Gadwal thinking of finding a way to finish him.
I went to many places.
I met many great Yogis and Tantrics.
I read many epics and scriptures.
l met many scholars and saints.
Nobody could find a solution to my problem.
" Like a ray of hope in the darkness,"
a Yogi gave me the address ofa hill tribe herbal doctor.
It's in thickforest area on the western side ofGadwal.
I'll not leave you...
His evil soul will not resttill he avenges by killing you and yourfamily.
It'll keep chasing you.
Likewise nobody can change the rule of nature.
" Ifyou're born, death is inevitable."
There's an end to his soul.
Is there an end to it? How?
Tell me...tell me...
Even Lord Rama needed a weapon to kill demon Ravana.
Like thatyou too need a weapon.
Where can I get thatweapon? Where? l'll get it at any cost.
Tell me...where can l get it?
Where's thatweapon?
"Yes, your death! - My death?"
That weapon must come out from yourdeath.
I didn't getyou.
"Gods created a powerful weapon using a great Saint's back bone,"
thatweapon is Lord Indra's 'Diamond Weapon'.
A weapon to wipe out evil.
Like that this weapon too will destroy him.
How can I kill him with a weapon made from my death?
Death is for body only not forsoul.
You'll take birth again to kill him.
" Yes, you'll take birth again."
You'll take birth in the same family.
She's indeed Jejamma!
He needs a human body to torment you aftercoming out.
" Then, you must kill him."