Basketball Lessons for Beginners : Basketball Dribbling Stance

Uploaded by expertvillage on 25.10.2008

Hi, this is Travis on behalf of Expert Village. I want to talk to you just about your stance
when you're dribbling the ball. So basic beginner stance, if you're right-handed, when you're
dribbling, if you have your right foot forward and you're dribbling, it's going to bit a
little bit more difficult to dribble in this space because you're going to have to be dribbling
out here or way out front where somebody can swat at the ball and take it from you. So
a proper position for when you're dribbling right-handed when you're starting would be
to have your left foot forward and your right foot back, bend your knees about shoulder
width apart and get in a ready position like this. Again, the basics of the dribbling keeping
the ball on the fingertips and just up and down. And then if we're going to switch to
our left hand, we're going to change our feet stance as well, so now we've got our right
foot forward and our left foot back, dribbling with our left hand. And then we're going to
switch again to our right hand and we're also going to switch our feet stance. So back and
forth...left in front, right in front. So switch, keeping our legs bent, about shoulder
width apart, in a ready position so that if somebody's going to be swatting for the ball
we've got good control, we're closer to the ground, we've got a nice feel for it, we don't
have to dribble the ball up as high and it's less likely that somebody can take it from