The First Lady Receives the 2011 White House Christmas Tree

Uploaded by whitehouse on 25.11.2011

(camera shutters clicking)
The First Lady: Hi, everyone.
Hi, how are you?
How nice to see you.
(camera shutters clicking)
Now, we've got to look all around --
Come on, Bo, come see if you like --
Malia Obama: Bo! Bo! Hey!
The First Lady: All right, do you like it?
Sasha Obama: I think it's nice.
It's very large.
The First Lady: Thank you. Thank you.
All right; we gonna give it the thumbs up?
Give it the thumbs up?
Ready? Thumbs up.
We're taking the tree.
Speaker: You're taking it, huh?
The First Lady: We'll take it.
Speaker: You want to put it on top of the roof, or --
The First Lady: Let's just put it (inaudible).
Speaker: There you go.
The First Lady: Thank you so much.
Do you like --
Speaker: Do you like that one?
Sasha Obama: It's really big.
Speaker: It is really big.
The First Lady: What do you think, Bo?
Bo! Do you like the tree?
Are you finished --
Speaker: Hey, Bo. Hi.
The First Lady: All right, Bo, come here.
Come here, Bo!
All right.
You all take care.
Happy Holidays.
You, too!
Thank you!
We all like it.