Interview with Na`Vi.Ceh9 (about CS:GO, new captain and more) @ DH Summer 2012

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jun 18, 2012

- Hello all.
- We have an interview with ceh9.
Group stage games have just finished.
You lost the last game against fnatic. Why?
- Fnatic was better.
We actually wanted to win as we knew
Virtus.Pro were more prepared than Poles.
So we wanted to play against Poles tomorrow.
Yeah, fnatic were stronger.
We had an awful beginning.
No, sorry. The beginning was ok,
but then we like slipped down.
We lost few key rounds.
Playing CT-side we improved the situation a bit,
and the game was even more or less good.
We won 4 or 5 rounds,
but the lost round in 2 v 1 situation
didn’t let us win.
Fnatic were strong in attacking,
while we were not prepared for mirage.
I think this game helped us to make several shifts.
We’ll eliminate our mistakes and are sure to show
some awesome gaming on mirage the next time.
- Why didn’t you remove mirage if it was not prepared?
- There were a few other maps we didn’t prepare.
Seven maps are difficult to prepare
on the highest level, so we remove the maps
we don’t play at all.
If you try to prepare all 7 maps,
you won’t have the result.
SK is good proof of it.
They don’t play bad but sometimes
fail against top-teams on maps they choose.
- Did you prepare any rounds especially for DreamHack?
What about your preparation for the tournament?
Did you bootcamp?
- We are moving to the other office.
We are still not equipped,
so it was the first tournament
we played without bootcamping.
We practiced for 10 days through the internet.
It was not bad.
There were some conflicts but we solved them
and are ready to show our power tomorrow.
Let it be. We have a strong competitor.
They are Virtus.Pro.
They are in awesome shape now.
I think we can defeat them if we want it.
I hope we won’t make such stupid mistakes
as playing vs M5 and fnatic.
There were so childish mistakes we did.
- What about the shifts?
Zeus sits in the center now.
Is he the captain again?
- Yes, he is the captain for this tournament.
He desired to do it.
We had enough rest after Denmark a
nd Zeus was highly motivated to lead us.
He took the initiative before Minsk and China.
I think we’ll be fine.
It’s cool when there are two people in the team
who can lead in critical moments.
If Zeus is killed, statrix leads us.
- You said about China.
Does CS online differ from the ordinary one?
- They are different even visually,
i.e. in the menu window.
Tournament modes are the same.
There is actually good stuff about bombplants alignment.
There are two windows A and B,
like wallhack.
So even if you don’t know the map,
you can decide whether to go on A or B.
Your teammate nicks are displayed as wallhack as well.
It’s like radar.
However you can switch it off.
- Is physics the same?
- Absolutely. It’s the same game.
The one thing which is not added by now is rate.
Rate 3000, update rate 30, cmd rate 30.
It’s like your ping is 200.
You can’t show your aiming skills and spray…
it is important disadvantage.
That’s why we failed twice didn’t move further.
Nevertheless we were invited for the second season.
I hope they improve technical mistakes by that time.
This game can potentially replace CS 1.6.
- Speaking of CS 1.6…
ESL has recently excluded CS form the list of official games.
What’s your opinion about it?
How d’you feel about CS future?
- I consider this decision to be absolutely wrong.
Firstly, we were offered no new game instead.
It’s still unclear
if they gonna change CS 1.6 with this shitty CS:GO.
Developers are creating some bullshit.
It’s not a game.
It’s like Call of Duty or Battlefield.
GO can’t replace CS 1.6.
It’s absolutely stupid decision.
CS community in post-soviet countries is
smth like 100 thousand of people
who are now they are left without their favorite game.
We’ll see.
I believe in other organizations like WCG.
Many sites lie about WCG excluding CS 1.6 as well,
it’s wrong information.
They have no evidence.
I think it’s fake
WCG are famous with their correct decisions.
Excluding CS and offering nothing instead is stupid.
- What will you do if CS:GO turns to be unplayable?
- Sing or dance.
I’d suggest developers to proceed with CS:GO
and ask advices of professional players.
The clever decision is to use these games simultaneously
for some period of time.
Then I’d suggest increasing prize money for CS:GO
and gaining respect among top teams.
Such gradual change would be wise.
What they do now is nonsense.
It’s absurd.
- Maybe they have their own vision?
Marketing strategies…
- I see, but I think
their vision is wrong
and they gonna shit themselves with this game.
- And the last question is about Virtus.Pro.
They got two new Ukrainian players.
Kucher and XAOC will now compete against you.
What can you say about it?
- I’m quite ok about it.
There were similar teams before,
like DTS where both Kucher and XAOC participated as well.
They defeated us for a few times.
- I mean how do you estimate their strength?
Can they stand against you?
- Russian players understood that
there are no players in their homeland
except for M5 who won one champ in a year and a half.
That’s why they asked Ukrainians for help.
We are famous with absolutely fantastic players.
So they offered Ukrainians high salary and
I don’t think it’s bad.
I would like them not to argue
about nationalities as this factor
had previously been the reason of Virtus.Pro breaking up,
when Edward and Zeus played there.
So I’d suggest them to be friends
and show good CS.
It’s a pity that CS future is unclear now.
Prize money at this DreamHack is very modest,
but the participants list is extremely strong.
- Have you heard anything about Na`Vi and SteelSeries
preparing a joint project?
Yes or no?
- No, I haven’t.
I mainly concentrate on the game.
- Ok, I’ll tell you.
- Have you heard about the announcement…
- We actually always have joint projects with SteelSeries.
We either give out their devices
or conduct contests with their mats or mice…
- Any final words?
- Hello all.
Thanks to Alienware, SteelSeries, Kingston and Antec
for sponsorship.
And thanks you for the interview.
- Thank you.
- Good luck at the tournament.