How to Make a 1x2x3 from Spare Parts

Uploaded by redkb on 13.10.2009

Hey Guys! Kenneth here. Today I'm going to show you how I built my 1x2x3. Here we go.
Alright, before we begin I'll give an overview on how to make each piece. For some the overview
alone may be enough to go out and build one. After the overview I'll go into detail showing
each step I took to make the 1x2x3. So, let's begin.
Let's start with the edge pieces. Hold the edge so that the hollow portion is facing
down. What we want to do first is to cut across the bottom portion of this edge. Once the
cut has been made we then want to fill the hollow portion of the edge with Apoxie® Sculpt.
At the same time we want to extend this little notch so that we'll have a square here. The
last step is we need to cut a notch right here giving us a hook. When were done the
edge piece will no longer be an edge, but now it will be a corner for our 1x2x3.
Here we have a corner piece. What were going to want to do is transform this corner piece
into a center piece of a 1x2x3. To do this, first we need to cut off the foot of the corner
piece. So now we have this. Next we'll want to pop out the cap of this now center piece.
The third step is to fill in this rounded section of the cubie. So that the cubie is
now in the shape of a cube. So you can see it's filled in now. So we'll need to make
two of these. You can put them side by side and then we have to drill a whole right through
the middle. Once that whole is there we can then get a screw and connect the two cubies
together. And now what we'll have is a 1x1x2. Now we'll have to drill a whole through the
bottom and the top. So that it will look like this. Here's a better view of that. So you
can see the whole in the top and the bottom. Now if we pull this cubie away we can just
see the back cube. And you can see we will have to remove some plastic so that the corner
piece, the hook, will be able to spin all the way around. Once we've done this, these
now center pieces for the 1x2x3 will be complete.
Alright here's the
finally assembly. Here's what the pieces look like.
There you go! That's the 1x2x3. Congrats to you if you've made one, and if you didn't
go ahead and give it a try. It's not too hard and the results are pretty good! Thanks to
you guys if you watched this entire thing. I know it's a little bit long, it's my longest
video I've made. Also if you subscribed to me, thanks for subscribing! I've never asked
anyone to subscribe to me, and now that I got a couple hundred subscribers it's really
motivated me to make some new videos. So thanks for that guys. And with that, have a good