Les Misérables (English subs) part 8

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There they are. - You were great.
Such a strong plea. - Comrades, listen to me.
On behalf of everybody I told Marius Pontmercy...
... that he's worthy of our company. - Thank you.
One moment.
Pontmercy, before you get the chance to buy us as much wine as we can drink...
... I want to be sure that you share our opinions. - I'm against the king.
Long live the Republic - Vive la republic.
Would you want to fight alongside to recover the republic?
Yes, with everything I got. - Vive la republic.
Are you willing to die for it?
I hope this won't happen - And if it happens?
I know this thing for sure: I don't want to life in tyranny.
Vive la republic - And long live Marius.
Gentlemen, not so loud. The police might close us down.
It's time to drink something.
Monsieur, mademoiselle, excuse me. I often walk in this park, but...
But what? - I've never seen you before.
And if I had, I would never have forgotten about you.
There are numerous places my daughter and I never visited.
But I rather think this is none of your business.
Let's go home.
An angel. I've seen an angel.
You look so pale. Don't worry about it.
They look like people, but they're animals, worse.
To business. What would you like in return for this feast?
I've met an angel. - I don't get it.
If you need me to catch rats, I'm the one you need.
But catch an angel...
Find out where she lives. - That won't be easy.
It will be. When you see her, you'll know it's her.
First, she's beautiful.
And I mean gorgeous, ravishing, unreal.
Her look is like velvet: dark, but full of light.
She has the prettiest mouth one can imagine: rose like a pearl.
Her lips are youthful and full.
She wears a had with bands and a colourful dress with buttons.
But this is the most important: her name is Ursule.
Look, this is her handkerchief with her initials.
Ursule is the only girl's name starting with an U.
And what about the F? - That must be her given name
Flore, Fanny, Francoise, Frederique.
Where do I find that Ursule?
It's not easy to make a living in Paris.
This must be the benefactor they sent us.
Let's not disappoint him. Zelma, lay on the bed...
... and cough your head off .
Turn off the stove. That would look rich.
Have you seen a ghost? - It's him>!
Who? - I'm telling you, him!
Darned, I'll get back at that monster.
And I'll do it well. If he doesn't come across generously ...
... it will be his end.
Hopeless, we even don't have any slacks left.
And this long winter... We're not afraid of the cold.
But it's so cruel to our sick little girl.
Where does she suffer from? - A lung disease. Se coughs up blood.
But it will end very soon. Luckily she can die in our arms.
Her pulse rate is quiet. - So it can stop later?
Look at the sweat on her fore head.
She feels cool. - It's the cold of the approaching death.
That's all it is.
Already? You're not telling me you're hungry again?>
Make yourself useful, go downstairs to get some water.
Leave the dishes. I found her, the angel you're looking for.
Ursele? - No.
Her name is Claudette of Colette. Claudette or Colette Leblanc.
Help me with the table, I'll show you a miracle.
There are holes like this in every room.
So that Gorbeau witch can spy on her tenants.
Did you consult a doctor? - How am I supposed to pay for a doctor?
We already know what he would say: If she had eaten some more food, it wouldn't have happened.
I brought something...
My daughter, mademoiselle Favre.
Mademoiselle Favre? You just told me her name is Leblanc.
No worries, when we're married she'll carry my name.
A wedding? I'd love to come too. I only visit funerals.
Even without an invitation!
There's a saying: goodness leads to beauty.
Speaking of beauty...
Well, we should accept it. - Not satisfied, Jondrette?
Yes, but money is the most important. - Which money?
Didn't they tell you about the 60 francs?
No, otherwise I would have brought you those.
We are behind on paying the rent.
If we don't pay by tomorrow morning, we'll lose the apartment.
Imagine this, with our dying child. - I'll bring you the money this evening.
Who can assure me you return? - Do you know who sent me here?
Charity of St.-Vincent-de-Paul. That seems like enough certainty.
She was so close. I could almost touch her.
You should have done so. Ladies don't bite.
I'll prepare a welcome to that citizen he won't forget very quick.
You too recognized him?
He has stolen Cosette. Because of him I got arrested.
Didn't you recognize the prissy girl?
Do you really think that... - Yes, that ugly monster.
She has changed, she learned some manners now. And blushing and looking prudish.
Such a goody-goody . - I almost can't believe it.
It's not fair. Compared to her, Azelma and I look like scarecrows.
Did she recognize us? - No, but you never know.
Maybe he doesn't return, and we'll have to go elsewhere for charity.
And if he did recognize me, he won't return out of goodness...
... but because he's afraid that I report him.
Where do you go to? - Get some friends.
To teach him.
They're monsters.
We need to do something. - Warn Favre?
He has left in his carriage already.
We'll follow Jondrette. As soon as we find out his plans, we'll interfere.
I always like a little fun.
It could get dangerous. - I'll protect you.